Window Washer Survives Nine-Story Fall,2933,370986,00.html

Thats amazing! Incredible he sustained such minor injuries. I also hope his wedgie goes away with time.

A million dollar wedgie.

9 storeys?..try 47 storeys.

This guy didn’t come out so well off. POOR GUY–survives-tell-tale.html

Just another reason to stay with Residential

I wouldn’t take anything for granted or be complacent in the residential environment.

I bet the high-rise guys have a constant focus on safety; I bet we residential folk (for the most part) don’t.

I would love to see a study done to find out which is more dangerous. I am willing to bet res work has more crippling injuries like broken knees and such. And high rise has more deaths for obvious reasons.

I have never seen any news articles about a residential window cleaner being injured. It is always high rise work.

Just my thoughts…

Those ladder accidents aren’t quite as sensational. I bet there are alot more of them, though…

Could be, but not here at Star Brite…

Ive rolled with Doug and ill tell you what he is safe, fast, and hella efficient. The guy is one bad dude. You betta acks somebody!!

Just like many high-rise companies with no issues…

Only takes a moment of distraction with a WFP and the bad luck of being under some electric wires…too many times have i seen residential wcleaners come so close to hitting overhead wires.

You better find some wood to knock on! :confused:

The interesting thing about window cleaning, unlike most professions…
you pretty much have to be perfect, at least safety-wise.

I was perfect for about 13 years. Then one day, my stripwasher dripped at the base of my ladder, which was on a metallic overhang, causing it to slide out from under me.

I rode the ladder down 3 stories. The bitch was that I had to drop from the overhang with 2 sprained ankles, because my ladders blocked the doors closed and my crew couldn’t get out to help me down.:o

Just curious, if you were going to do it over again, what would you have done to prevent it from happening (besides not letting the stripwasher drip)?

That’s the trick, isn’t it?

I guess the obvious answer would be to have someone foot my ladders…

It was just one of those things, it was only a drop or two. But on a metal surface, that’s all it took.

Extension ladder on a metal roof with no one blocking the feet. Scary. I wouldn’t of attempted that in the first place.

I think I’m coming across more adventurous than I actually am…
It wasn’t a roof, but a grated metallic overhang.

Look at the picture below, and imagine an entrance way underneath.

Now I see… That changes things. I would of done that. Amazing what a couple drips of water can cause. Did it cause any damage to the building?

That story was rather sketchy. How did it happen? Why didn’t his safety device work when the fall first occured?
And by the way, ladders are no. 1 when it comes to being involved in accidents.