Window Washing Nostalgia

My earliest memory of seeing somebody washing windows was as young kid in NYC, we had relatives that owned a retail bakery in the Bronx with a few retail storefronts around the city. I recall a few times that I was around the bakery when the window washer showed up, an older leather face man Hair slicked back in jeans cuffs turned up on the legs with a galvanized bucket with a brush in it standing on end inside the half full bucket of suddzie water and a wooden pole ( with only a taper on the end) and a big rag (Scrim maybe) and what I now figure to be a about an 18" squeegee and that was it! After the pole work he fanned the glass with his brass wand with that little piece of rubber on it. There was 4 big panes and the glass door and I recall 3 one dollar bills changing hands as he left. I later would learn he traveled the city by subway and bus… When I started doing windows last July those thought came to mind…So Use a Brush keep the image alive some kid may be inspired to be one of US someday.