Window washing prices

What are the national prices for window washing, so I can see what to charge in my state? (Utah) residential

Welcome to the forum. That is a loaded question due to the fact that we are from very diverse markets. My guess for you would be somewhere in the 5-7 per pane inside and out or 10 - 12 per window. Much of your pricing will depend on what the cost will of living is in Utah.

Do some research on the forum, someone started a price thread that everyone contributed to. You’ll see that the high tax, expensive states have a higher rate than the rest. Factor that in. Try to find someone in the market with you, and get their input. Unless they are jerks, they would probably be willing to give you an idea. No one wants a new company bringing prices down.

You can look on Google and call a few companies to give you an estimate on your home. If you want a better ball park, try a larger home from a friend or relative-- No harm in seeing what the going rate is. Some might disagree (Since you are wasting their time and have no interest in their service)-- but to me it’s no different than a prospective client-- considering they don’t know you from Jack and everyone is always a prospective new customer.