Dang it, I’m on the west side


We have 3 sites and they have pretty much killed for us since December. It is an investment like anything else. You will not book jobs the first few months, but it is a great tool for long term marketing goals.

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Brian Sauls nailed it. It’s an investment. We provide our members with an unforgettable domain. A gorgeous website that incorporates responsive web design (optimized for phones, and tablets) and the tools to showcase their work, creating online photo galleries from the job site straight from their mobile phone. It’s up to you to decide what you can do with all that. If you do nothing, ya, you might lose money. But you’d lose money on a new squeegee if you didn’t take advantage of it either.

Well Mark, That is a great explanation that might suit a Harvard lawyer but you are missing one key factor here. The dishonesty comes in because does not disclose that everyone who is “awarded” the best window cleaner is paying you for consideration, and if they drop their subscription, someone else can pay you to be the “best,” that is dishonesty (in my opinion).

What would you think if CNET awarded Samsung the best cellphone of 2013 and then found out Samsung paid CNET for consideration. What would the NBA MVP mean to L. James if he had to pay sportswriters a monthly fee to be “awarded” MVP.

Tell me what prestigious award is given to people who pay for the exclusive rights to be considered.

You give the impression that you have interview “hundreds” of window cleaners in some cities and then come to a decision on which one “best.” Can you document that? Your website says that you “verify their level of experience” but you fail to quantify just how you verify that.

Personally I would have no problem with you saying your subscribers are “certified” or " pre-screened" or even “most qualified” but to promote these companies as the “best” when there is no fair competition to determine that and they are paying you so you have a financial interest in “awarding” them #1 status is bogus and borders on false advertising.[/INDENT]

Geezus Steve - You’re comparing with CNET & NBA - LOL… If you want to debate or talk about all the supposedly injustices in the world perhaps you should start a different thread. Surely there will be plenty of subjects to talk about :eek: Hi-jacking this thread only makes you look desperately bitter… has done amazing things for our company this year along with last year. I won’t get into detail as it will give my competition and the haters like (Steve) a little ground to catch up. The monthly fee x 12 will be paid off in new acquired work by the end of this month (maybe mid month). Not even factoring in the repeat business. In my opinion there is a correct and incorrect way (like anything else) of using - I have proven to myself (most importantly) that I’m using it correctly.

If you’re still unsure, pull their main site and look at some of the company’s using their system. Or you can listen to the hater’s (which imo know very little about them, or just crunchy for missing the boat)

Like Dave said, if your city is available and you haven’t snatched it up, it would be a very smart business move to do so before someone else does… If you’re on the fence, feel free to give me a call (No - I’m not on their payrol :wink:

Awww - Now I see where the bitterness is coming from.

I have nothing against mark is a nice guy I spoke with him at length one evening.

Having said this I too find it dishonest to say a company is number 1 when they are paying for the number 1 rating.

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I’m not bitter against and I’m not looking for a cause to rail against. If I were I would have started a thread titled scam or something like that a long time ago but I never have. I didn’t start these threads just replied to them, after all this is still a forum right? I don’t like the site because I feel that it is giving a false impression. Furthermore, I’m not bitter because if you google window cleaning and my city, my site is the #1 listing and doesn’t even show up, so I’m not looking for a fight just stating an opinion. Personally I like because it is true directory where anyone can sign up but I have a “featured” listing or something like that. Chris didn’t “award” me “best” window cleaner or some silly thing even though I had to prove my insurance and Chris has personally known me for more than 6 years.

Same world where I live. 5 inquires in 15 months, $700 for the two jobs I did.

I booked my only two jobs within the first month or two (last year). Nothing since then. And I do add projects to it.

Couldn’t agree more. I just googled window cleaning and went through several pages. did not even show up.

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Maybe you’re doing it wrong, Dan ?

Doing what wrong, Justin?

Doing wrong, Dan!!

And it won’t unless someone has been awarded in that town…

Oh! I wasn’t sure if that’s what you meant. Well, I definitely don’t feel I can just ‘have a site’ and let it take care of itself. But seriously, there is a limit to the time I feel I can put into a site that I’m already paying 7x what I pay bluehost for my personal website.
I can’t remember ever getting more than 40 or 50 some hits in a 30 day period. I can’t do anything about that.

I spend zero time on mine Dan. If you want, I’d be happy to take a close look at yours and give you my opinion. Give me a call this week (preferably tomorrow as it’s my only office day this week)

All our area’s are different and you may just be in one that will have a hard time working for you? The cities that have suburbs and several surrounding cities with population of 30k plus are prime…

I opened my site and I can’t even figure out how to get to my members only toolbox now. It used to be near the bottom of the page.

Thanks for the offer, Justin. I’ll call if I can, but I have a real big day in the field and got behind on calls today.

If you do not have an ounce of envy or in no way in a million years would you use even if it was only 1 dollar a month then I would understand your view, but if your city was available and it was just 1 dollar a month I would have a hard time believing you wouldnt be taking advantage of just another way to market your business.

And also it’s wc.coms awarded to give if they want to give it to the guy riding the bike with a bottle of windex its their opinion. Just like your entitled to an opinion there entitled to award who they want doesn’t matter if someone is paying them or not plus the last time I checked nice web pages and SEO isn’t free. Either way it’s their opinion… Kinda like the dumb magazine I seen at the grocery store today that said some woman was the most beautiful woman in the world. Who picks that garbage? She looked just like another normal face walking down the cereal aisle…