Windowcleanpics: Our billboard ... Time for a new one.. Ideas anyone? http://twitpic

windowcleanpics: Our billboard … Time for a new one… Ideas anyone? Twitpic


Raise your prices for one thing.
You’re leaving a ton of money on the table.

Yeah I’m generally not a fan of the pre-set any size specials for pressure washing.

But if I had several crews out, I’d probably do it. Especially if I could convert most of the pressure washing jobs into window cleaning jobs as well - which I’m sure is what’s happening.

Oh - I’d probably iron it. Or tell the wife to iron it.

Theres no room for that… were doing 60 -70 of them a week.

how many rigs are out doing house washes?

You guys doing mainly soft washes or is that just a water rinse with some pressure? Are you upselling the hardscape and walkways/driveways, or are they included?

Are a lot of these returning customers or are you pushing this flat-rate in your advertising? Getting good response?

very interested- thanks

That’s a bunch!
Obviously your business model is a very successful one and is capable of handling high volume and remaining profitable.

I would be tempted to see if I could do 40 at 300 instead of 60 at 200 and net more but I’m not familiar with your area and pricing. Once I got the concept of ‘Raise your prices until you land 50% of your jobs’ and how that increased profitability a lot of things changed for me, but I’m just a one (and a half) man show. Whole different ballgame.

I think I’m going to try to seduce your friend’s fiance so the wedding will be canceled and you can spend the whole weekend down here.

Sure Ill send you down her contact info!

Weve messed with the price a bit over the past couple of years and really found the 199 to be the sweet spot. Ive kicked it up to 275 in the past and the whole thing just fell apart on us!

He’ll thank me for it in the long run.
You’ll thank me in August.

Wow, that’s terrible.
$200 is my bare minimum down here.

I don’t do $12G a week though, either.

yeah its weird we can get big bucks for glass… But with the PW … they just dont bite.

I’m glad you said that because I thought that I was doing something wrong. It’s the weirdest thing how people don’t bite on my house wash estimates but they spend an arm and a leg on window cleaning.

In the words of my very well off lawn cutting friend. “I will lose money on a gig to get my foot in the door. Once I’m in and they see the service I provide I will upsell them other services that put profits in my bank. After two cuts of a customers lawn. I can upsell them another $100 in services easy.” Figure this guys. If Chris has two guys on site to PW a home and he is paying them $10.00 per hour and it takes them all day. he still pulls a little under $40 with his overhead. Times that by 65 gigs per week. It keeps his guys working so they don’t quit and it puts money in his pocket. Keep in mind the profit margin increases greatly on smaller jobs not to mention the upsell of everything else. Getting to run a large scale operation by charging high prices is not that easy. Charge a price the customers think is fair or even cheap and you should stay pretty busy with referals as long as the quality is there. Quality+fair price=preceived great value = beach home for retirement. :slight_smile: