Windowcleanpics: Yep it's Chris cleaning windows over the weekend.. Rare photo! http:

windowcleanpics: Yep it’s Chris cleaning windows over the weekend… Rare photo! ImageShack - Best place for all of your image hosting and image sharing needs


Nice photo shop. :smiley:

The wife beater is a nice look on you Chris.:wink:

Are those sunglasses made by Unger? I like those… are they available in the WCR store? :smiley:

$2 bucks at walgreens…

I figured you’d be sporting $400 Versace’s.:smiley:

Lookin fit 'n trim Chris! :slight_smile:

Chris is that some computer generated buffness or what?

you work in a beater?

i just read where someone thought if mistersqueegee would fix the dent in his van he would look more professional. if your vehical should look professional shouldnt the employee as well? i wear long sleeves all day every day.

Are those Unger sunglasses?:slight_smile:

I was just doing the windows at a relatives house.

oh… i was about to say, you lucky. there many times i wish i could work in a beater but boss wont let us and plus i think its hotter when the sun is hitting your skin

that’s definitely not New Jersey in March…with the leaves on the trees. Wish i was in a warm place like that…wherever it is. I am ready for Spring.