Windowpedia Launches (finally)

Over a year ago I mentioned an idea on the WCRwindow cleaning forum for a new website. Windowpedia is what it would be called, a complete rip off of Wikipedia but with a window cleaning spin. At the time thetechnologywasn’tquite … Continue reading →


Nice! I bet it fills up fast. Noobs have never had it better.

I’ll sign up to help.

I can’t see the sign up button on my phone but I’ll check it on my computer later when I return home.

Looks like a pretty cool idea, and I’d be happy to help populate it.


I imagine that articles from past issues of WCBO would be a good place to start.

Chris, you and Alex are like the “Beatles” of window cleaning. But instead of being the fab four there’s just two of you guys. Where do you get all of that energy? You have so many new ideas and they keep coming. It blows my mind!

They’re not human… :wink: