Windows stay clean for 6 mo.?

There’s a window cleaner in my area that says after he cleans your windows they will stay clean for 6 mos. guaranteed they won’t attract dirt and will stay shiney the whole time, do any of you know of such a product that offers that kind of guarantee? Or is he just blowing smoke!

How does it go…
I have a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you too

Besides the stupidty of the idea wouldn’t a window cleaner [I]want [/I]the windows to get dirty again?

I tell people they will look great for 2-3 months before they start showing indications of getting dirty. Never had anyone call me on it.

Tell him to come clean mine then cause they get dirty every two months.

Total nonsense…and if he’s south Cen Cal…he’s on goofballs…up unil the recent rains. If ya clean a window around here…it gets dust on it almost immediately. Give me his number…I want free window cleaning…I pray he has the same offer for solar panels !

I agree south cen cal. Is a dust bowl don’t see how you can make such a guarantee.

What are you talking about a direct mail ad? Website? Or is this just something you heard?

I bet if i was walking in front of that window and threw dirt on it would attract it to get dirty !

Does he use a WFP? Windows will stay cleaner longer but I dout 6 months. Maybe he knows something we don’t :frowning:

Ok. My windows stay clean for 6 months! See that little kid with the runny nose? Did you see that blower cleaning the wet glass clippings? Fortunately we have smog less cities and my F250 V10 supercharged quad cab is zero emmissions like everyone else’ Volt. To keep my windows clean for 6 months you know what I do? I wash them every other week!