Winter fun

Starting to do a couple winter commercial route jobs. 10F and Arby’s last week. It’s really kind of fun. Sick, Huh? Guess I’m a bit of a showman. I gotta chuckle when guys come off the lake from ice fishing and say something like, “Man, that’s gotta be cold work.” Like, do you mean as cold as sitting real still on 16 inches of ice and staring down an 8 inch hole. Don’t get me wrong, I love ice fishing.

Anyway, back to glass. Learned an important newbie lesson the other day in a rather funny way. A winter solution mix that works great on the sunny side of the building can freeze real fast when you wet a window on the shady side. Moved around the building, wetted the window, reached for my sqeege, got distracted by traffic for about 4 seconds, turned around and had a window covered with ice. I can’t figure out who was laughing harder, me at myself or the customers inside who saw it happen.

I did find it interesting that a job that took me two hours during the summer only took me about 20 minutes longer, first time, during the winter.


That’s the reason I start on the shaded side of the building so I can adjust my solution to the coldest windows. Are we having fun yet?:wink: