Winter Storm Jonas!

Be safe all of you in the Northeast. You’re going to get hammered…

They’re also going to get snow!


Basketball Jonas

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I got the milk and bread. Were ready.

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Icy rain (which DOES suck) followed by a quick thaw.
“Back in business” by Saturday afternoon, Sunday at the latest.

Meanwhile, I’ll be out working in 10º, hearing about those who were trapped in their car overnight

  • because it snowed an inch. :unamused:

Boy, I was waay off on this one, I got the feeling this was gonna be another "snowmageddon/sky is falling news fail.

  • sorry to y’all who are stuck in it.
    My sympathies, truly, I feel ya!

It really looked like it was going to sweep East a lot faster than it did.

But when it all comes down… better YOU that ME!

Keep warm/safe guys!

Not much action here yet

Shocking is that pic taking this morning.

Its amazing that this storm is basically missing us. a coating to 3" is all thats predicted. This time last year I couldnt see out my windows

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About 10 inches on the ground here, only about a half hour southeast of @Chris

THey’re calling this a “Storm of miles”. A few miles north, they’re sipping pina coladas in flip flops, a few miles south, the wrath of God is being unleashed.

Just boring here. Its coming down, but nothing spectacular.


Thats wild I only have just about 3 inches so far.

Jonas wrath in South Carolina Friday-Saturday AM


Do you have s snow blower. That’s going to be rough on the back


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Not quite flip flop weather, but I don’t think we’re even going to see flurries today.

Real shame- our region really could have used a good snowstorm. Our ski resorts are really hurting right now (along with the entire segment of our economy that relies on snow removal or tourism for their income)