Winter time talk

Apple TV or roku 3?

Neither…Vizio Co-Star
(I needed/wanted a browser)

Digital TV converter. Im only bringing the TV out of the garage for the Olympics and the new season of 24

apple tv 2, jailbroken with xbmc


I want something like this: Chromecast

But that will just put whatever I have on any screen on my tv…

Netflix. Endless choices and no commercials.

If your watching on computer,, add on that gives you more options

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Man I’m outta touch. The only thing I understood outta all these posts was netflix. lol Guess I need to google these other terms.

We use APple tv with Hulu and netflix piped in.

I’m a Apple fanboy buy never saw the appeal of Apple TV. Didn’t know anyone who had it till this thread.

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On my 2nd apple t.v. - First one didn’t work too well. Now I have a new smart t.v. - you don’t really need apple anymore.

i wouldn’t bother with it unless you’re going to put xbmc on it. otherwise i would just get a roku. cheaper, with most of the same features, and you aren’t locked into apple’s sandbox. it is nice for watching netflix/hulu/amazon instant etc, because the interface is quick and easy.