Winter WFP Usage

I got an email with photos of a client of ours in Montana. He was using his ‘Reach’ RO/DI cart in 36 Degree weather.

For those of you with pure water systems in cold weather climates, have you packed it up for the winter yet?

We are enjoying pretty mild daytime temps, but got several inches of snow yesterday. Back up into the 60’s later this week.

We will probably pack in our systems and tanks in the next 2 weeks.

I have one job at the end of November that I’ll need the system for and maybe one at the beggining of December. After that I’ll probably take it inside. Until then I’m getting a little electric heater for the van to keep the system warm.

I’m leaving for Puerto Rico for 6 weeks starting Dec 3rd, so I’m done Dec 1st!:smiley:

i leave my system in my truck year round.

Yeah, yeah, keep rubbing it in! Still I don’t have to worry about the ground opening and swallowing me up!:stuck_out_tongue:

Be careful of that high fructose corn syrup, Tony.

We get to use WFP year round save for a few wind days

Hey Shawn, first and only job I’ve done with the wfp from you I was working at 40 F. with no problems. I have one residential job I’m putting off for a couple weeks because i want to experiment with winter systems on residential both wfp and traditional. I have three concerns I’m going to look at in regards to wfp, water freezing in the lines or DI canisters, water freezing on building surfaces, water run off freezing on sidewalks, driveways, etc. When temps go below freezing anything with water in it comes inside. Chems come in starting at about 25 F.

You sell the systems, what are your thoughts?


The most important thing to do when the weather dips is prevent equipment from freezing. If housings freeze, the will most likely burst.

It is possible to use pure water on days when the temp rises just above freezing, but you have to keep a few things in mind.
-It will take quite a bit longer for water to evaporate on those colder days.
-Water droplets may very well freeze on the windows, depending on the ambient air temperature.
-Water run off will most likely freeze on the ground, but not typically on the exterior of homes
-Its a good idea to carry Ice-Melt type products with you to put on the walkways or anywhere else that water may accumulate.
-Even if the water doesn’t freeze while you are on the job, it may freeze later if it pools up and the temps drop when your gone.

Let us know how you make out.

If all else fails, there’s always the hot water trolley! :smiley:

but you are more likely to get hit by a TORNADO…LOL

But I’m still safe from Michael Jackson!:smiley:

Nobody’s safe from Michael Jackson!

what about floods???

I have to say between the floods and this last winters ice storms I’m beginning to think we are becoming the California of the Midwest!:eek:

I’ve packed mine away early this year due to the influx of pressure washing jobs (would rather be doing WFP work though).

I have mine in my garage. I’ve never had liquid actually freeze in my garage. But to be safe, instead of a small heater, I have put very close to my IPC Eagle RO/DI-E a 100w caged light bulb for added heat. It’s tucked underneath the filters but above the electric motor; right in the middle of the machine. I also have a moving blanket wrapped around it. This was a suggestion from a pressure washing contractor in my area who does the same for freezable equiptment that he leaves in his garage.

Hope it doesn’t melt.

Use are’s all year round including the winter, I’ve insulated the tank & pump also my system for producing the water that’s stuck up in the workshop.

When I do a customers house during the winter and I get any water on there paths or were I feel the customer will walk, I sprinkle table salt from a large salt shaker, this way I cover my rear if a customer should slip on ice, I always let all my customers know that I sprinkle salt on any walkway area’s, it just makes them think ‘‘well its not the W/C fault because he puts salt down’’

There’s to many TV adverts on here in the UK, if you’ve had a trip or a fall call us and we’ll sue the backside off them, well I’m not prepared to be one of there success stories.