Winter Window Cleaning

In Toronto, we experienced a nice break from the winter. Temperatures have risen to +10 celcius yesterday, although strong winds and cooler weather is on the way.I’m surprised how many people feel that it is not necessary to clean windows in the winter. They figure that the windows are most dirty in the summer due to dust. Others feel that it is useless to clean the windows in the winter


We get a lot of that too. People think glass can only be cleaned in the spring, “after the rains”. It really is a problem because you have to squeeze so much work into the warm months and can’t keep your men busy during the winter. I offer off season discounts and that helps to a degree.

Storefronts that are close to the street are ungodly dirty in even a week or two when plow trucks with salt and cinders are going by, then traffic when the road gets wet!

I have some customers that cut back during the winter and others who call well before their service date because they can’t see out. I just can’t figure these people out and I’ve stopped trying. The people that ask for fewer service days in the winter also believe that one rainfall will totally undue all my hard work cleaning their windows. At least in todays economy they aren’t canceling on me altogether.

I really push my monthly house schedule. It keeps us busier in the winter months.

Right, that’s why most of my customers are put on a every two week schedule. Many of my every four week customers have very dirty windows in the winter after 4 weeks.

Plus I get twice as much money per customer.

I haven’t established that yet, but I admire you for doing it. I put it in my blog to encourage prospective customers to ask about it.

Funny, how little it has rained this year too. Some winters we get quite a bit of rain, but with the exception of this week’s warm spell, it’s been all snow.