Winter window washing

Hi. What’s everyone using as a de-icer.

You can use windshield washer fluid, methonal, or pure alcohol.

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I use tequila


High temps aren’t even reaching above 20 and the lows are below 0 degrees. I am staying inside until this warms up a bit. I never had luck with washer fluid not freezing up instantly but high % rubbing alcohol does the trick. It thickens up on the windows and is like squeegeeing syrup off the glass.

Never super impressed with the alcohol results so I just wait until I get around 25 degrees.

Most of my window work is commercial that can wait for weather to break or new construction that exteriors can be done on my schedule a bit more as well.

@wcs I have a job to do monday and it is supposed to be 11 degrees. Is windshield washing fluid safe for tint? I also had someone recommend antifreeze.
How much do I put into a gallon of water with dawn? Thanks

I’m not positive, I’m assuming it is, I posted this question a while back. Here is the link Jonathan.

I use a 60% alcohol to 40% water in my squirt bottles which has work well for me in cold weather conditions.

I always carry a bottle of 91% pure alcohol so if the solution in the squirt bottle isn’t strong enough I can apply it directly to my washer sleeve or Fliq pad.

I add my soap directly to my strip washer or Fliq pad (a few drops) i don’t add soap to my water.

I hope this helps.

If you have any more questions fire away…

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