Winter/Windshield washer fluid

Can you or do you use windshield washer fluid indoors?

I normally switch out my exterior gear for interior gear, but its a drag.

So how do you guys/gals do it?

I wouldn’t because of the dye.

I’m sure though you’ll hear lots of guys telling they do/would. Call me paranoid about damaging something if you want. I don’t use it inside.


Thanks for the reply @anon82274079

In your opinion and knowledge do you think it would have an adverse affect on tint?

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@wcs since it doesn’t have ammonia in it, probably not. There isn’t tint here, other than on a car. No one installs it, and I won’t clean windows that are tinted because it damages so easy, even though it’s super rare to see any glass with tint here.

That’s about all I can offer for advice/experience.


@anon82274079 thanks.

That’s what I am currently assuming to since there is no ammonia in it.

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It’s going to break down anyway so why not do it?

You don’t want to be the vendor that creates chaos.

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My house is full of females, all I know is chaos. That’s even our cat and dog… I can’t win :frowning:

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I spray 3M Glass Cleaner on interior panes.

Using windshield washer fluid on exterior panes is tricky, too much and not enough glide and streaks too easily then not enough and solution freezes on the panes. Minimal demand for WC In the winter so I don’t get very much practice.

it will only get damaged if you use something you shouldn’t or if its already degraded. Just don’t use ammonia, steel wool or a scraper on it and you will not damage tint that is in a “serviceable” condition.

Remember that customers rarely look too closely at their windows or surrounding especially if the curtains are always drawn on a particular window, I had a customer the other day ask me about damage “I” did when I cleaned her window in her office and she accused me of damaging a wall in front of where her desk sits that she has not pulled out in years it turns out that husband used those cable tidies and suck them to the wall and to the desk so when the desk was pulled out( by the customer) they pulled them off the wall with a portion of the paint. The curtain was always closed to it wasn’t until I opened the curtain and cleaned the window that they noticed it and assumed it was caused be me.

I usually roll with 2 buckets One for the inside one for the outs. I can’t say that I havnt at times used the out side bucket on the inside I’m sure I have , I don’t think it will ruin anything your wiping it up anyway so … I havnt had to use it yet so far :crossed_fingers:. It was freezing Friday , but guess who didn’t work , but this is because I saw nothing but 40-50s this whole week. Oh yaaaaaa :sunglasses::sunny:️… thank God BTW.! Want to get all my monthlies done along with my bi-weeklies, An the weekllies this week … Xmas week will be a breeze actually I’ll be banging off the walls with nothing to do,

BTW I use the same tools don’t switch them out , so if the strip washer does have some blue on it when I go to work inside but I never even thought about that till now. :scream:

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You can come work with me Mike… I have Christmas day off but busy the rest of the week…
Bring gloves and a couple “sticks” it going to be cold.

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Sometimes I think we live in the same place because of the temps. Lol I can handle the cold, but where I’m at it gets cold and super windy. :fearful:

LOL maybe we do…

It’s always windy here.

Maybe like 8 weeks out of the year it not… but winter is not one of the 8 weeks.

Here’s an average day for wind speed… this is tomorrow…

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Addd some wind to that forecast , An your in for a wonderful week. Ho Ho Ho :tired_face:


WIndshield washer fluid is usually a dilution of methanol which can get into your bloodstream through skin contact, so I understand. It’s also the kind of alcohol that makes you go blind from drinking bad moonshine. b/c of all that i usually shoot for ethanol(drinking alcohol) if I can find it. I don’t know if if can be absorbed through the skin but I do know it won’t kill you! The problem is to get it as pure ethanol it can be more expensive. I Usually buy kleen Strip brands “Green” Denatured alcohol. It is about 85% ethanol and the rest is methanol and other assorted alcohols that they add to keep kids from drinking it. Then I mix it usually 4 parts h2o to 1 part denatured alcohol, plus soap in a gallon jug and pour it directly on my scrubber. I also use a different scrubber for inside than outside. Stay Safe! always wear gloves!

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Thanks I understand all that was just curious if it affected tint in any negative way.