Winter Work 2020

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
So what do you all have planned to do in the winter this year?

Screen repair and shower door restoration sound like solid, low startup gigs to me. Might learn coding too…

I’ll either do subcontracting or buy/sell (or both).


Working on my website, tinkering on marketing pieces, setting up my new enclosed trailer so it’s ready to roll in the spring, market research, and the business route.

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Agree with your quote. Preparing is key. I have been burned out

Taking 3 months off “zero business decisions”

Will be hard to do but it is a must for me


We added Holiday Lighting this year. I’m trying to be cool like my big brother @DaveYogi


I actually want to look into the basics of google ads, look into how to get more commercial clients (desperately want more low rises, companies…)

We are actually thinking of buying a hot water pressure washer and figure out a way to market those services in the winter. Does anyone have experience with that?

You are gonna love it. And thank you for raising my batting average back to 100%

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Dennis Raphtopolis?

WAIT! I thought you were gonna pass because of the ladder work, Kyle? Give me a call if you wanna chat about lighting.

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We flipped our entire crew this year. Different approach with this new bunch. They are young, eager, and willing to do anything that asked. We lost 3 crew leaders/lead techs that had over 4 years experience each which was a loss, but they were stuck in their ways and didnt like change. It has been a challenge, but very refreshing flipping our crew


Kyle, how did you find your new crew members? I have a tough enough time replacing one employee, much less multiple at the same time.

We tried using a Hiring Service in 2019… there was a lot of things we liked about their approach but we didnt get the return we hoped for…

So this year we took what we liked about the hiring service and made it our own… using Indeed we got had 80% of qualified apps show up to interview and we hired 4 positions in August. We had 3-4 additional apps on standby as well.

So you are going to ask, what did you do?
#1. we made the application process as easy as possible for the applicant.
We use to have these guys jump through a lot of hoops… no more.

#2. We have 4-5 key highlights about the job

  • Make upwards to $30 an hour
  • No nights or Sundays
  • Paid Weekly
  • Immediate Advancement Opportunities

we use to weed out guys at the application process… Now as long as they qualify (background check and pass the simple interview), then our training program gives them 6 weeks to learn the job. If they dont have the basics down after 2 weeks we move on.


thanks for sharing.

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That my friend is a super solid approach and advice!

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Do they have to pass a drug test?

We stopped doing drug test screening during the hiring process several years ago because it was getting impossible to find anyone under 30 that could pass


@Kyle, isn’t that a legal/insurance/liability issue, or not really in the state your in?

They get drug tested if they have an accident. Obviously if was have information that someone is impaired on the job we take action… and that action is not me wasting $75 on a drug test… they are let go. We do run criminal background checks on each new employee.


@Kyle, ok that makes sense. Thanks for explaning!