Won Reach&Wash RO/Di on eBay

Morning y’all

I won THIS auction last night. Pretty cool price I guess, but seems a little too risky to send the money and wait for it to arrive since seller has zero feedback and changed his/her ID lately.

System is in Arkansas, 500 miles from me, but I’m willing to drive to pick it up.
I believe that is the same system that Ray (juggernaut) bought a year ago.

Seller contacted me via email and told me that his Paypal account has some issues, so probably this is not gonna happened, but just wanted to share my 5 minutes of excitement.


I remember seeing the item up for auction.

Yea I saw that up to. As a heads up I have a whole bunch of Ionic filters coming into the country by early next week. The majority of them are already sold as there really aren’t any available in the country. Let me know if you want me to put you aside one Carlos.

That’s great Carlos! Got to be happy w/ the price too!:smiley:

500 miles! Is there no one nearby that could check it out & post it to you - I think that’s the cheaper option?

500 miles is a long way for this.

It was too good to be true, and I knew it, I just wanted to give it a shot and see what happens. Turned out to be a scam, send me a link to a transport company , looked for phone numbers and there weren’t any, 2 identical websites with different names and I did inspect the page code and they were so lazy that they didn’t remove the tags from the original site www.allisonshipping.com which is real. I contacted this real company and they told me about the scam and that the FBI is working on that already, they’ve shutdown several sites from this people, but is too easy to open a new one that makes their jobs really hard.

just wanna let you guys know, had my dream up for a day or so, but deeply knowing that it won’t happen.

Some people play the Lotto, I search for deals on eBay :smiley:

I dont want to be a jerk,

but you get what you pay for, Dont be soooo cheap and just pull the trigger and buy a R/O system from windowcleaner.com or reachhigherground.com


Sorry Doug but most of us are not yet as successful as you’re, and don’t have 3K laying around. Wanted to take advantage of something that seemed to good to be true and that is all that was. Don’t mean to be a jerk either.

Sometimes a great deal comes along. Sometimes it’s a scam. Remember nothing ventured nothing gained. You never know when a wcer just decides to get out of the biz and sell everything at bargain basement prices. This time it was a scam next time who knows. At least they didn’t get any money from you. Better luck next time.

Thank you Tony, I knew what I was dealing with, or at least had an idea.
Proceed with extreme caution when facing this kind of stuff and that’s what I did, looked for info about the shipping company, that made me get in touch with people from the real shipping company and that’s it.

As you said Toy, if you don’t look around you’ll miss a lot

take care now

I always laugh when I hear someone preface “advise” with a statement like this.

I’m pretty sure you’re not qualified to tell Carlos what to do.

Shut-up Larry, you are such a TOOL.

“There is no tool in this pool”


Another articulate and eloquent post, Doug.

looking good in that moustache Larry :smiley: … and let the kids play, they’ll grow up and understand some day.

Yeah Larry nice stache! I never knew that Anne Frank was really Frank Zappa’s love child.:smiley:

She has a diary about it…

I am more than qualified MR i do not use pure water

You told him to not “be soooo cheap” and just make a purchase.

You are unaware of his business plan, budget, or alternatives (such as the DI tanks you utilize) – qualifications for someone to provide logical, grounded advice.