Wood brightening

Hey guys,

i had a costumer today that asked me to brighten her wood siding and deck and get it ready for the painters, attached a pic of the house. i’m planning on using F8 from pressuretek but i was wondering if all the black stuff will come off? i have never brightened and neutralized wood so i have no idea what to expect. there was never a stain put on it fyi.

I have another job as well for deck neutralizing, and i was wondering if the F8 will affect the paint on the house, or kill the landscaping? we’re supposed to put a stain on this deck after the deck dried, but how long would that take? sorry for all the questions…

Whoa buddy. I’ve got to ask, what are the painters going to do?

This isn’t the same kinda job as washing a vinyl siding house… This is wood restoration.

You can easily make awesome money doing this - or you can quickly, very quickly, end up filing an insurance claim.

I’d suggest talking to Celeste from Carolina Pro Wash in Raleigh, NC. Her and Roger have tons of experience doing this kind of work. Maybe they can point you in the right direction.

the painters are gonna paint it all in the same color, not stain it…
i thought since they’re gonna paint it in a color that neutralizing would be sufficient… no?

how about that other job, do you think the F8 will affect the paint on the house, or the landscaping?

F8 should not affect the landscaping or paint on the house if you follow the directions. I would still keep everything rinsed off.

What are you planning on using to clean the wood?

I thought I was gonna use the F18 from PT to clean and then use the F8 to neutralize. im new to all this pressure/softwashing stuff but i’m very eager to learn so if you have better suggestions, shoot em plz!

Does the wood need to be stripped or cleaned? If it needs to be stripped use F-18 if it needs to be cleaned use F-10 which is an oxygenated cleaner. Then rinse with F-8. The best advice I have seen on this is call Roger and Celeste. You can easily get into a lot of trouble on this type of project.

I wouldn’t paint a deck. The paint will chip off. Go to PT State and read the wood restoration forums. Lots of good info there. You can also give Bob over there a call. He is great and always willing to help. Since you are new to wood the best advice is BE VERY CAREFULL.

The house that is pictured needs to be neutralized and brightened. then the painters will paint the house. (i told them the wood will be neutralized and ready to paint, but that i cant guarantee that the wood would look like new)
the deck was never stained, so i was gonna try to brighten and neutralize it and then they can do whatever with it…

then the other house only has a deck that needs to be stripped from previous surface stain and neutralized, then they’d like us to stain it again with the stain they already bought. i was just worried that the chemicals would affect the house paint…

if they do call for this job, i will contact Roger and Celeste, but to be honest, i think i underpriced it hearing its so delicate… the house pictured we charged $575?

I restore quite a few decks, although slowly getting out of it. My approach would be a good pre-carb cleaner, low pressure wash and oxallic to brighten, but I am not a wood home specialist, nor do I want to be. I would say call a specialist. I do think the wood needs to be cleaned prior to painting or it’s simply going to peel off.

What I don’t understand is, if they are PAINTING, why do they need you to brighten it? If they are PAINTING then they should be using an oil based Primer before they paint, no matter what kind of fancy one step paint they might claim to be using, even the one step lifetime warranty Sherwin Williams paint would still tell them to prime this stuff with an oil based primer to seal out that tannin.

You COULD brighten that but that would be a full on restoration, and definitely more work than $575.

I would suggest re-evaluating this project, and clarifying what the painter is actually going to do to this home, so you don’t get caught holding the bag for someone that may not be willing to take all of the proper steps to PAINT this home…like why they wouldn’t pressure wash this themselves if they are just PAINTING this home, pressure washing before painting is one of the simplest washes out there?