Wood Door Discoloration from WFP

Guys, I have a question:

I did an exterior window clean with zero chemicals w/ WFP, and the primary residence door is now discolored from the basic brown stain to a chalky white where the water dripped down.French pain windows above door. Anyone have advice?


What color are the frames of the French pane?..(white)

I’m guessing it’s like that circle on the coffee table when you don’t use a coaster. I’ve seen a life hack for that somewhere.

Find out what kind of wood the door is, sometimes the high end stuff you gotta put teak oil on it and water from the pole will make it look stained. Only thing you can do is ask if they have more of it left over and re stain the door with the oil. Problem is you’ll have to do the whole door and it’ll be a couple shades darker.

I’m with the other comment about the white stuff. Probably sun baked paint from the frenchies, but could also be d.i. residue too, Once it dries you can take a dry paint brush to it and it will wipe right off unless its in the teak oil. It won’t stain it tho. The paint MIGHT.

You would have noticed I would think if it was the frames of the frenchies tho as you were cleaning the others, you’d notice the milky windows right away and on your brush. So I’m kinda leaning toward the DI residue.

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Last year a front door changed color in a streaky way. Solid wood door.

Got something from Home Depot. Have it here and can find it if needed.

Restore something…

Wiped product on door and it fixed it. Basically the door had oxidized

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no there in black metal frame.