Word of caution for you that use quicken online

I mean quick books (can’t edit title)
if you read the privacy statements it says something about your info possibly being stored on poorly secure servers in other countries…

Intuit is a global company and may access or store personal information in multiple countries, including countries outside of the European Union that may be deemed to have inadequate protections. When you agree to these Terms of Service, you agree to this practice.


that’s a scary thought. all your customers info out there on unsecure servers…and all of your banking transactions etc.
I’ll just buy one for my own computers.

I used it for 8 months and didn’t have any problems (well, I suppose I wouldn’t know for sure) but the desktop version is a better deal if you can afford it.

The basic quickbooks online version was great, and easier to use than the desktop. The upgraded Pro online was no different but had literally no extra features worth the 3.5 increase in price… and, they won’t let you downgrade without starting all over which they sneakily don’t tell you. Now that I have the desktop I like it, it just takes getting used to… and you save a little money over time and avoid these potential security issues.

Another reason not to put that type of information “online.” If wiki Leaks has not taught you anything else, it should be that anything online is at risk. I learned years ago when I had credit card info hacked because the retailer stored their information on servers in Asia because it was cheaper.

I took out what I call my online credit card. It has a 500 dollar limit and I only use it purchase thru internet or catalog.

I have been opposed to all these giant databases the government is trying to shove us in to. There is no way they are secure, and they will never be as long as the database managers are not held responsibile.

Why should I have to purchase LifeLock or some other service to protect me from identity theft when it can be almost completely controlled by holding financial companies and retailers accountable for the information they are charged with securing?

I don’t remember giving my permission for credit reporting agencies access to every financial transaction I make to “score me.” Also, I know I did not give them permission to walk away when they make a mistake and publish an error or downgrade my score due to wrong information and then tell me it is [I][B]MY[/B][/I] responsibility to fix it at my expense…and they are immune from recourse???

sorry, rant over