Wordpress help

So I’m working on something new and need some help

Does anybody know how to get rid of the “posted” section I have in circled in red?

I’m kind of use to Joomla, and I thought I would try out WP. It took me a while to upload the theme. Zip this, unzip that…I thought I was back in Amsterdam. :smiley:

Thanks for you help.

Are you adding a new website or redoing the first one?

New business Lou.

I believe it is because you are creating a post and not a page. Look a little lower and you should see “Page” and then under that you should see “Add New”.

No, it is a page. I just checked.

Could it be in your “Reading options”??

No, it was not. I had to edit some of my php files, but I got it figured out. Thanks.

Good deal! Glad I could help… Oh wait… I didn’t. Lol.