Work in progress - new website

What do you think so far. This is for my business that I’ll be starting in about 3.5 months when we move to TN

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Looks good , have you gotten started on google my business page and maybe some business cards ? Make sure to get a local cell number like google voice

I didn’t get business cards made until I was a year in business lol.
I got them made because customers asked for them.

I have a google voice number currently and I’ll be porting out the number soon and switching over to some phone provider. Not sure which one yet.

I have not, we’re gonna move there around Christmas and so I’ll be taking those first couple months before spring to get all the details done like getting a local cell phone and po box or small office, etc…

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Ok gotcha , I heard Tn gets really cold in the winter . You probably won’t get any work till spring . The nice thing about relocating and starting all over fresh in a new state , is that you can start to build the new business the way you want it with out making all those newbie mistakes . Like taking on low paying clients and dealing with them for months or years . We relocated from Cali to Nevada back in 2016 , the first 6-9 months where brutal . But then after the first year it’s been good. I’ve been focus on building the business slow with the type of clients we want . So looks like you’ll have a good 3 months of building the back end , and spring is a good time to start . Let me know if you have any questions about relocating

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I like your website. Did you make it yourself?

I’m gonna have a web designer create my site soon as well.

I realize this is just the skeleton of the site, but make up your mind…

About Us has you named as a third person, then you go about “I STARTED OUT with this old jeep.”

  • we all realize the site is self serving, so just go ahead and be self serving.
  • Boast away, my friend! :slight_smile:

Nice website layout :blush:
In regards to business cards I’ve never used them! Instead I made fridge magnets which I hand out to my clients.

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I am still new to all of this, but it looks really good. FYI, in the “estimate” section there was an exclamation mark next to the word “yes” and the other ones didn’t have an exclamation point. EXTREMELY minor, but I don’t know if you intended it to be there or not.

I did, on squarespace.

I guess it’s in the 3rd person at the beginning because it’s in the context of describing my current business which is a partnership and then switches to talking about my story in particular using 1st person pronouns. Perhaps it’s not grammatically correct, I’ll think about it some more.

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I did, I hope little things like that make people smile (like projecting excitement for the options I want them to be excited about)

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I guess it all comes down to… who wrote this portion vs. the other?
(was one an autobiographre/third person?)

IM guessing/certain (as your customers) is, both portions were written by YOU… so just go ahead and yourself.

I didnt mean to discourage, I promise. Doen’t affect me in the least. :slight_smile:

looks tight. As others mentioned make sure you get on google business. Craiglist has been pretty good to me.