Work Order / Estimate Literature

Hello all. Wondering how some utilize any terms / conditions on their work orders/estimates to help with service expectations, etc?

For example, does the estimate/work order outline things such as:

  • Hard water/paint not being removed with a straight wash
  • Brittle screens
  • Wiping of sill/track and what that means
  • Storm windows breaking

Etc, etc…

Haven’t had too much of any issues, but could see some arising based on some of these things listed above.

Appreciate any help on this!


We include this in our emailed estimates and keep adding to it as new issues arise!
Please note: Your Estimate is for our basic service; Inside and Outside cleaning of all exterior glass in the finished portion of your home including sills and screen wipe down. In the rare instance that complications arise on the day of service and additional fees need to be added, these will be discussed with you before proceeding. Complications may include difficult to open or access windows, smoke build up, or new windows with manufacturer stickers. Other services such as interior glass partitions, French doors, garage or basement windows and paint removal can be added for additional service fees. Please ask us for a quote on these additions prior to day of service.

Thank you