Worked with Clearly PRO

I got a chance to work with Doctor Phil yesterday, and man it was a blasty blast. He also helped me on a last minute job today, what a blessing that was, because I had a 3pm appointment at the beach with some waves :slight_smile:

But really, Phil is a First class window cleaner and a person.
Thanks for helping me finish my route yesterday and today!

For some reason when I’m around Phil, I always feel like coming up with some cool business idea…like starting a drug trafficking gig in Miami, jk.

A maverick person and cleaner, you are Phil.
Plus your boat shoes you clean in are freakin awesome!!!

I’ve worked with Phil on a number of occasions, he has helped me so much with all aspects of window cleaning. Stand up guy for sure.

whos phil?

A Deeper Clean here; clearlyprofessional on NWCD.

Either that or that rodent from PA we hear so much about in the springtime.

You mean the one in Punxatawnee Larry?



Hmm… I pictured Phil a little older than his pic.

You guys are so gay.

Thanks Larry I needed that!:eek::wink:

ground hog day is my all time favorite movie ever.

someone want to correct my spelling?

We don’t have that kind of time Phil!:smiley:

Great movie! And I think some would spell it, “favourite”.

OK maybe Seth does have that kind of time.:stuck_out_tongue:

I could watch that movie over…and over…and over…and over…and over…and over
what ever happened to the little ground hog actor? Never seen him in any other movies?

Is he the same hog that starred in Caddy shack?

Makes me wonder if he and Bill are related.

Yeah, Caddy shack was his last movie, I heard he got addicted to crack…sad. I guess life is hard for a hog

let us not be so fast to judge simply because his fur is a different color.

maybe since, being of hispanic color, being brown he got deported back to…you know…

I had rather just believe he will show up on Celebrity Rehab with Dr Dean.

Maybe a little worse for the wear but on track for some found role in a Terminator movie.

or Gone Country. Doing a Willie Nelson Version of I’m All Right. don’t nobody worry ‘bout me…you got me feelin’ all right, why dont ya just wait and see…

a little dancing with the stars always does a died out actor good. I don’t know who’s going to be his partner, but there’s plenty of midgets…

a side rambling note…are there midget window cleaners, if so, they must do a lot of pole work…