Worked with ECWC 2day

What an awesome experience that was. Two competitors working the same gig. there was plenty of laughter. I mean plenty.

Matt is onehelluva window cleaner too. He is fast and good.

speaking of fast: (Told ya I’d do this Matt :slight_smile: )

We went to Asian food and we both ate…and ate…and ate.

About an hour later Matt had to…make a deposit. We went to a resty wherein he could go…

He was in and out in under three minutes! I can’t even get my pants off in under three minutes.

I asked him if he just had it in his pocket or something…

I now call Matt: Speedygonedumpa.

We went back to work…and together we did more than any two guys i have worked this gig with before.

He then went surfing! Gawd to be in my 20’s again…sigh.

Thanks Matt. I look forward to tomorrow.

Thats awesome! Good for you guys…

You guys on a big job?

Sounds fun!!

1331 windows. About medium for me.

That’s it? That would be a small job for me.

Ok fine, I’ve never done a job that big. Yet

That’s cool.

It sure breaks the montony to have a partner on a 1331 window job. Otherwise I’d be bored out of my skull. I love small jobs, it’s less mundane.

Bro, it was sooo fun working with you Phil!
2 competitors working together…I see 2 friends working together

I’m bringing a surf board for tomorrow, so you can face the sharks.

looking forward to another fun fun day with uncle Phil :smiley: