Working in cold weather

For those of you who work year round or are in areas that have cold winters, I was wondering if you have any recommendations of jackets, clothes, hoodies, fleeces, etc for washing windows in very cold weather. I am thinking of doing year round work this year or at least working into colder months. I was usually a seasonal window cleaner usually shutting down around mid december until march. Any recommendation of good warm winter gear that is easy to wash windows in and not too bulky? Thanks


This is the Jacket I wear all winter long anywhere from the 20s up I’m good with this, and stuff underneath also. I use glacier gloves the best I found so far jmo, and of course a NY Jet ski hat. There going to be good this year man! :wink:
Last winter was the exception had to break out the heavy Carhartt a bunch of times but it gets to bulky like you say to work in that type of jacket. it was the worst winter I ever worked in by far. Most of the times below 20 an I am staying home, but when you get as many cold days like last year nothing I can do but grin it and bear it.
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Some cold weather gloves i posted about in February
thread is here…

Thanks for posting the link Mike [MENTION=7269]Majestic66[/MENTION]. I was just looking at winter gear…(get out of my head)…you my fall down the rabbit hole and never find your way out bro!

Hows it hold up against the wind…Winter here comes with cold temps,snow and that darn unforgiving wind.

which glacier gloves are you using? I was looking at these today: Perfect Curve Glove

Jets really…It will be all Green Bay this year bro! I’ll send you the right ski cap…

Yeah I was just checking those out too John [MENTION=10960]goldeneagle[/MENTION] …have you tried the gloves and if you have which ones did you like.


Thick wool socks, good boots. Carhartt thermals pants, wind breaker pants(adidas style), jeans or cargo pants. Carhartt thermal top, turtle neck shirt, company t shirt and a north face fleece hooded sweater with company logo embroided, winter hat and seal skinz gloves… Oh dont forget a balaklava for those windy days

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Not quite yet :stuck_out_tongue:
I want to enjoy a little Indian summer before that happens. But your up in the pacific northwest.
So i don’t blame you for being a little proactive… Today anyway…

Since i am not in Idaho anymore. I to much don’t have to worry about it till end of November or December.

Hey [MENTION=3016]JoeSqueegee[/MENTION] there is alot of us on the forum that work in cold to very cold winter weather. Theres been a few good threads on what to get for winter wear in the past few years. The key to look for is to find clothing thats wind and waterproof and dress in layers.

Im sure some more folks will chime in what they like to wear in the winter.

Hers a link to one of those threads:

Yeah its 98 degrees right now… but before I know it it will be 10 degrees and the wind blowing 15-25mph at 6am.

No time like the present to prepare for the future!


Not sure if you would need this pair. But i think i will pick up these this year.
Cold Weather Oil Rig Safety Gloves: GGT5® Arctic Gator 4031 | HexArmor

I got this pair and love them…
Cold Weather Work Gloves: Rig Lizard® Arctic 2023 | HexArmor

cheers mate

Good grief, ain’t THAT the truth!

I swear, my standards dropped as fast as the temperature did.

I used to be "ok, we’ll head out when it gets above 30º"
Then I got to the point where “ok, anything above 20º”

Then 10º
Then 0…

Finally I just gave up on the temps and said “as long as it’s not 30 mph winds and it’s above zero… LET’S WORK!!”

  • now I’m depressed. :frowning:

Hey Mike you really shouldn’t wear graffiti on you head. Maybe Tom Brady will let you wear his

Steve I don’t think this jacket will be good for your type of weather teens, an a wind chill factor . Those are the glacier gloves I use. I like the Packers 2008 they choked though Bret Favre, an one of his famous Ints. I was rooting hard for them that year.

Ah Memories . Do you remember Jim !

Here you go in case you forgot .

As long as it is above Zero lol oh hells no. Ouch!!!

And [B]that[/B] is why I never bitch about the heat.

I’ve never called off because it’s “too hot.” :smiley:

I don’t like any extreme weather. Hot or cold . It’s been a good summer so far I don’t think we hit in the 90s yet . Was humid as hell yesterday though .

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WTF is a balaklava is that a whitestone thing :rolleyes:

You need a good knit hat.