Workman's comp costs?

Curious what a good rate for workman’s comp insurance. I got quoted around $2,400 per year (four employees, payroll estimated around $40k). Is that good, can I do better. I’m in Texas, btw

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Our rate is 15% so I would say that’s a very good rate.

What did they base your payroll on? I’m pretty sure we pay 3%. Our payroll is between $150k-$200k so ours is roughly $6k a year.

40k each or 10k each a total of 40k?

out here in California wc’s workers comp is about 22%

10k each. I think they based it on our ytd payroll reports, but we didn’t have employees till march. Nick, that sounds reasonable for the number of employees you have.

Didn’t someone post about getting a great deal through a camber of commerce or BBB or the like?

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it varies state to state

No wonder you non Cali guys grow so fast. California hates small business and does every thing it can to stop it.

3% ?? That’s nothing.

Larry, are all your guys super part time or what?

I’m considering starting an out of state business and running it from my home base in Cali.

In Wyoming 3% or less is about all I pay, that is why a lot of Californian’s move their businesses here.

Don’t forget you can get a [I]massive[/I] office/wherehouse space for all your trucks etc etc for like a whopping $300 a month too, lol

Dont forget, SImple Numbers, just plug in cost of biz and it tells you what you need to charge, oh that’s right, no one wants to pay for a [B][I][U]Real[/U][/I][/B] business to clean their windows. wah, wah, wah (SNL Debbie Downer style) :slight_smile:

Remember most wc policies are for the state issued in. You need to get a rider for other states.

Thats a pretty good rate Larry… Cali gets screwed on workers comp… We are at about 5% in NJ not so bad.

Super part time? What does that mean?

It’s young folk talk for “working very infrequent hours.” :wink:

Thats it! I’ve ran the numbers so many times on what we NEED to charge, to sustain a legitimate business. But if we start charging those prices we WILL go out of business.

The truth is, average pricing around here for a professional window cleaning ( inside and out, screens, tracks, sills) is $5/ window. We’re double that, and should be triple that…

Thats why there are no legitimate window cleaning company’s here.

Sounds like an opportunity. Break the mold, man. Gotta figure out how to change the game…

Will have workman’s comp as of tomorrow. $2,500 for a year

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Has anyone looked into quickbooks, pay as you go, workers comp.

I used to get my workers comp through Paychex. The nice part about it was you paid each week based on payroll. The bad part was the fees for using Paychex.