Workmans Comp. in California -who do you have?

Geez this insurance is outrageous.For being listed under …Janitorial,or code 9008-1 ,I got a quote from a broker for 4 people at $60,000 in payroll and they want $12,200 per year. I have just a simple window cleaning business. Nothing fancy.That’s with State Fund. Any other companies out here I can check with?

not if you never have had wc. You will need to bite the bullet with state fund for a year and then maybe be able to get some other quotes

It will probably be more than that. When I got a quote it came out to about 22% and after I signed up it was closer to 26% which is what i’m paying now. State fund is your only option.

Its tough to run a business in California…

State fund for me. Im at 26 and would love to find another option

I just found out that I am actually currently paying 34.11% for state fund.

26% is the “base rate” and after other taxes and surcharges the total rate is over 34%

There is only one other option besides SF…
You can use ADP and they have a contract with 5 Star. They got me down to 19%…but promised me 15%.

After ADP raped me on the very first payroll, I bailed out on them and went back to “the fund”.

19% is still a lot better than state fund. Can you what happened with payroll??

The rep from ADP was a snotty nosed kid hungry for the sale. Spoke outta his butt to make me giggle.

Payroll comes and they overcharge my employers tax, and beer never payed EDD.
So says the franchise tax board.

Does anyone actually have more than one or two employees in California? If so, we need to talk. ive got two full timers and one part timer-legit with taxes and workers comp, but I sometimes think im just spinning wheels and not getting anywhere. Im trying to get out of the field and im thinking ill need 3 crews of two guys each to be able to pull it off

I’m not the one to talk to about that. Ask Bruce or Damien. I was in your shoes. I don’t care of this is public and the whole world sees me as too stupid to figure it out…but let me tell you this;

Unless you’re crazy gifted like the aforementioned people.

There’s plenty of guys who made it passed the growing pains, if I were you I’d definitely pick their brains.

Guys like Chris did it right. But he’s in a different state. Even still, you’ve been here for what, over 2 years now. I’m sure a couple of the guys on here you know from the forum have large crews right? Shoot em a PM and make an appointment to talk to them on the phone.