Worst December in 5 Years!

Being that I have been away for a while, I finally just crunched our final #s.

For the month of December, we actually grossed more in the Decembers of the following years: 2007 / 2006 / 2005 / 2004

Pretty disappointing, fortunately though we made our #s for the year. Man December was just SLOW!

I do not do much advertising in the winter, but as to my passive ads like online… I have not been contacted through my website since November 18th!

I have never since I got a website seen that happen. I have not recieved a call from a commercial job of any kind since September! (never has happened before). I don’t really do a lot of commercial, but I always get requests for quotes normally.

Google searches are through the floor. Nobody is even thinking about it.

To say that we need to get our marketing sharp and ready for 2009 is a severe understatement. It will literally be survival of the fittest- you watch.

Survivale of the fittest, for sure. We’ve recieved 2 calls in the last 3 weeks. Thank God for regular maint. customers.


are you in a cold (brrr) State Glen?

October was the slowest month for me in 2008, November and December were great, so far Jan 2009 is going great, just do to the fact that i am doing insurance work from the fires that we had…

Worst December and January in my 5 years of business. I had the month of december fairly well booked but we had a ton of rain days, tried to delay those cleanings till January but the weather is pretty much the same so most of my clients just decided to postpone their cleaning untill early March. My Air Duct cleaning is picking up a bit that helps. I hope it’s a fast winter. better days are coming !!

Overall, 08 was better than 07 but we were down 38.7% in December from Dec of 07.

December was great, and made way for awesomeness January

Oregon, fairly tempret in the valley. We did luck out with 14" of snow 3 weeks ago. I moved here to get away from that, glad it was gone in a about 10 days. Funny how west coast people freak out over snow, they call school with about 2" on the ground, with the way they drive in it, thats a good thing.


Having spoken with window cleaners from most corners of the map in December, I would say that there seems to be a slow down amongst most businesses. Many attribute it to a change in the presidency, economy, holidays, etc. but it seems that some businesses are still spending money on things that will help to give their company an edge over the competition.

Its time like these that companies that are strong get stronger and the weak are left behind.

September and October were horrendous for us but we grew in late october through end of december of '08 around 50% from '07.