Would this be too difficult to WFP?

During my downtime this winter, I’ve been investigating adding a WFP this coming spring. I’m hoping to land a big commercial job at the local hospital in order to cover the cost of a system. The tallest section of the hospital is about 60’ of glass, that hasn’t been cleaned in a long time. How difficult would it be to WFP that, as a newbie?
Would a Xero Pure ro/di have enough pressure to reach that high?
Would I need 55’ pole or a 60’?

Thanks in advance for the input. Love the form. Please tell me if I’m crazy.

A picture would help us better determine what would be best.

Of course. Sorry about the quality, grabbed it off street view.

That’s only 4 stories. Are there two other stories we can’t see?

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No that’s all of it. I based the measurement off a walk-in door around the corner.

The way I estimate these buildings is that each floor adds 10’. First floor windows are usually 4-6’ off the ground. Then add 10’ for the second, another 10 for the third, etc. Depending on scale, you’re only looking at 40’ max for this picture.

Some buildings have an extended first floor.

So get the xero, a 55’ pole, and a boars hair brush, and you’re set. Also get a pump in case the building water pressure sucks.


Great advice!!

Looks like a 55 foot wfp would be more than enough to get those windows shown in your photo.

x2 on the pump and the boars hair brush, pressure drops a lot for me over 3 stories. Personally on jobs that have not been cleaned in a long time I like a lot of rinse, so I run 4 jets. That is just me though others may like something different

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Thank you all very much for the input.

Would a flow controller be necessary too or just the pump?

If I’ve read the fourms correctly, you can’t rinse through a boars hair brush right? The Jets have to be over top?

The ideal situation would be to have your own self contained tank with a pump and flow controller for a job that size, you’ll thank me later.

Boars hair doesn’t need top jets and a majority aren’t even set up that way, the jets don’t touch the bristles and you can trim them if need be. I have and nLite boars hair I use for maintenance cleans (much lighter) and a heavier Unger model for the rest.

Forgive my ignorance but that 40’ estimate you said, is that the windows closest to the foreground or even that wall of windows in the back?

A tank would be ideal, I know. But I’m working out of a Subaru Forester so space is very limited, I suppose I could fit an ATV sprayer tank. That might not be enough water though, I have no clue.

It’s hard to tell from the photos but if first floor is walk up then 6+10+10+10 ~ 36 then 40 to top of the entrance.

If first floor is not walk up then add 5.

Thank you for explaining that JaredAl, I really appreciate it.

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Get a little trailer for now and mount a tank to that? Idk either. Towering that kind of sloshing weight may be more than a Subaru can handle.

My two cents worth…A Xero Pure would be fine off tap pressure if you have 80 psi (even 60 should be OK). No pump needed. Pole length rule of thumb is storey height less 5 feet if no major obstacles to reach over as your height is allowed for. Get yourself a handheld laser eg a Leica Disto basic version and shoot where you would stand from your waist to the window head to get the pole length.

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if you want to beat the pressure drop problem, find the backflow for the building NOT THE ONE PAINTED RED, or if it has any electrical conduit on it, don’t mess with that one. (thats for the fire department and the sprinkler system, any pressure drop and the fire dept get a call and you loose a gig)

On the backflow, you will see several weird looking connections that have a gate valve on each of them. You can take a wrench and take off the tapered nipple and you will see a 1/4" female threaded connection you can tie into.

Just go to home depot and grab a 1/4" nipple (its a fag, male to male) then get a reducer from 3/4 garden hose, all the way down to the nipple.

There are 1/4" fittings in the tool section where the orange amflo air hose is stocked. It’ll work just the same as the more expensive stuff in the plumbing and sprinkler section. Mix and match…

as long as the pressure isn’t over 90 you’re good to go. Supposed to be 85 but you can push it to 90.

Don’t go past that or you’ll loose a tank at the least.


get a mobile tank… all links provided in the description. this particular set up has everything : pump, controller, battery, tank.
i leave my expensive Xero unit at home safe and sound!


I have a low profile (was pretty inexpensive) 60gal in my enclosed trailer that I designed to fit in a pick-up under a tonneau cover, something similar would fit in your Forester. You probably wouldn’t want to put more than about 40gal in your vehicle, but you would have the extra capacity later down the road if you over size it accordingly. Just set your RO/DI cart up so when the tank starts to run low you can fill it on site in probably 45min. If you do a lot of WFP work I think you’ll really like it.