Would you consider me a low baller

Ok I’m just now putting out my fliers but I really don’t want to be a low baller here’s my first flyer wording $225 window cleaning special
In and out window clean (up to 20 windows)
Sills and tracks wiped down
One hard water stain treatment
$25 off first time customers
Storm windows extra

Nope. No lowballer. Sounds about right to me.

i hope not because youre priced a little bit higher than me.

Nope, its sound like your running about average…

No, you are not low baller with price like that.
Low baller is who charges 20 window special for $79. Inside and outside tracks, screens and paint removal.
The other day I saw that on Craiglist. lol

[COLOR=#000000][FONT=Times New Roman]Craigslist add in my area $65 for 25 windows in/out and screens. Gutters $60 any 2 story or $50 for 1 story. 7 days a week.

That’s a low baller. Maybe I should check out his work and sub him out. Go camping enjoy my summer while he bust his but and I can make money. [/FONT][/COLOR]:rolleyes:[COLOR=#000000][FONT=Times New Roman]


give him a raise too. everyone will make out

Al right thanks for the input I just didn’t want the other local wcers to consider me a lowballer lol I’m in it for the long run

Oooo i charge $20 for gutter cleaning. Maybe i should raise that up a bit. Yikes!

Oh. My. God. I just threw up in my mouth…

I would run the 20 windows like you explained as a special with no $25 off for first time clients. That’s just giving money away for no reason. I would offer an upgrade (for new clients only) for $25 for 20 screens washed.

I think he was being sarcastic… I think

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Nope - true story

Noo, lol i didnt mean to, its supposed to be higher but i just noticed it on my website as $20 and im like noo! And im out of town without a computer and my phone wont let me change it on the website! So no i was not being sarcastic. Lol