Wow, that's a good deal

Just bid a big house in a gated community, super exclusive, about 100 panes of glass between 3 stories, lot of ladder work and sketchy roof tiles. My bid came out to about 600 bucks which was 3 times her current guy. He’s been doing it for 20 years so my recommendation was to keep him happy.

She was a nice lady.

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I run into a lot of people who have had the same guy since the 80’s and he is still cleaning for 80’s pricing so I tell them to hold on to that guy as long as he is willing and able because they are usually working for 1/3 of what I would do it at bare minimum. I went to Bellacino’s (a sub shop) that had 75 panes of glass (i just pictured the one side of the building, the other side has about 30+ panes). I offered to do them for $120 and she said the guy that has been doing them since they opened 12 years ago has been doing them in/out for $33. He does all the windows in that town too for barely anything. I hate that he somehow can do that and maintain but I respect him for sticking with it and making that town his.

Did she ever say why she was taking new bids?

Funny to see how big Bellacino’s has grown… thought that was basically a Michigan thing.

To see if she could get a cheaper price. She also complained that a sliding door pane was $150 to replace…

Even if all the glass was on the first floor with no pole I’d still be double what her guy charges. If it was a storefront maybe I could get closer to his price.

Nope, it’s one I’m more than happy to pass on. Even at 600 I wouldn’t get excited over it.

Yeah, I just wondered… it’s funny how happy people become with their current guy,
only AFTER they have pulled a shady ‘price check’ on them.

A lot of the time lately, I get the “his phone is disconnected” response.
(I wonder WHY?)

  • thats why I asked.

I just love super nice idiots. Don’t you?

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