"Wow you're so high"

Had a new potential customer just call me asking how much I charge per window I said what kind of windows do you have she said those that crank out. So she has casement windows.

I said $10 per window typically no screen or track cleaning included. “Wow that’s so high!” The guy I had before did it for $6 a window!

This is where I messed up because I didn’t ask “Well where is he now?” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Turns out she’s right around my area like 5-10 min away and she also goes "I’m a realtor, I could get you more work :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: "

I told her why don’t you call fish.

We need to make a music video: I was going to do your windows, but I was high. The other guy did it for so cheap because he wanted to get high…


Thanks, listening to this at work!

I let them know there is always discounts/referral rates once We’ve done business already.

The first project doesn’t get a discount, after that there is always a better rate since it’s more like a referral discount.


personally i would not have responded at all that way. if she is a realtor in your area she is a person of influence and if it were me i would want her respect even though i do not work through realtors.

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Why would I want her respect if she’s disrespecting my pricing? :grin:

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well i guess you know how you want to be perceived.

I have a few Realtors that refer my work because I do good work, not because I slash my prices. I give 10% discount for referrals that turn into jobs. Saves me from marketing to them and word of mouth is usually a great resource. If that mouth is saying give me - give me, well, work is work. My Realtor referrals get a 10% discount on their own house if they schedule a cleaning. I think there may be an ethics thing to say “Give me referrals and I will will give you discounts”; so I offer if they schedule. :slight_smile:

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She isn’t disrespecting your pricing, she saying she doesn’t want to pay that much.


We just need to be able to politely speak to the service we provide that warrants our prices, and for our part not burn bridges unnecessarily. If she thought $6 was standard, then you can see why she needs a little bit of a sales pitch. Customers don’t think like cleaners.

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How do I go about selling my service as better than the guy who charged $6 a window?

No screen or track cleaning.

Would I say I detail the windows, wipe the sills, fully licensed and insured ?

What if she said the previous cleaner offered the same thing ?

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If you don’t tell them why you’re the best choice, even at a higher rate, they’ll never know and just price shop always.


Great question. “I don’t know what the last guy did but here’s what included for my prices, which are carefully set for me to provide the best service”. I reassure them that their satisfaction matters to me, and try to be personable with everyone. It only helps to have sincere, positive transactions with everyone if I can.

Also I would suggest making a quality decision to never tell someone “go call fish” again :joy:. Build kindness into your brand. :muscle:t2: Just imo

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I see yeah that’s not a bad idea. I should have a little script that’s quick and portrays value.

Lol I didn’t bluntly say go call fish I said you should call fish, she was like why their prices are cheaper? I said yes.

Then why are you looking for a new guy if you liked the last guy so much ? Just curious!!

They’ll never be able to answer it without stumbling and bumbling .

She’s not your customer once you hear this crap , so why even bother with a come back.

Have a nice day cal me when you want to stop looking for a new guy.

Does she want a professional, or a fly by night guy that disappears. If it’s a professional then they cost a little more money. Cough it up cheap skate.

And then she gives you the old I can get you more work BS :rofl:. Oh wow cool let me do you for what the last guy Dod then :yawning_face:


Lol finally someone who understands. Telling me to “earn her respect” oh please :joy:

She’s on a mission to get the lowest price, no amount of selling will convert her to my customer.


First off $6 a wondow is a joke like Jared said he did the windows so he can get high. If she’s even telling the truth.

So Let’s go with $8 a window ,so if she had 40 windows your $80 more then the so called last guy.
$80 isn’t worth the gamble to see if your the guy she want to recommend to her clients ? Lmfao :rofl:.

Actually this would of been a good thing to say to her :weary:

Think about that for a minute , she’s looking to have a guy that has to walk freely through out her house ,an she’s going to squabble over $80 -$120 .

The last go went through her Medicine cabinets , she doesn’t tell you about that. Lol

That’s how you need to look at this. Not I need to come up with something better to say to these types.

It’s a numbers game Bro. Just keep gettin your estimates out there. Build your brand , and you’ll be laughing at shit like this down the road.

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She told me she could get me “more work” and I almost laughed lol.

I told her I’m taking today (which was Friday), Saturday and Sunday off because I was swamped the past 2 weeks lol.

I don’t need more work, I mean I do but not low paying work :grin:

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Always act as if your swamped even if your not.
Unfortunately this is a bad time of year for a discount I wouldn’t be able to do it for what the last guy did ; but the good thing is I won’t be the last guy I’ll be there for you when your looking again. When are you looking to get this done. I’m swamped right now and my schedules are tight. Do you want to see if I can get you in within the next couple of weeks.

You almost want her to say naaaa it’s ok, becisse you gave it to her. $6 a window is a joke and your even lucky if I can fit you in, an he’s the last guy for a reason.

So there ya go there’s your script for the next the last guy did it for.

Swamped , no discounts , and let’s see if I can even fit you in.

It’s psychological too everyone wants with they can’t have.

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Yea I used this on a customer that I followed up on to see if she made a decision on the windows for her home, she said “Yes I am waiting to give you a date and time” Lol.

As if I will sit around waiting for her phone call. I didn’t respond.

She texted me a couple weeks after and said “Can you do the windows by our house this week?” :joy:

I said “good morning unfortunately I’m booked out this week and the following week the earliest would be on…”

I forgot what exactly I said but it was the 3rd or 4th week after lol.

But I did get her on the schedule it’s coming up next Monday a little over a grand for her service.

I’m not gonna rush someone into my schedule on such short notice, they must wait and get on my schedule.

One of my best new customers was like “I don’t know how busy you are but I would like to get on your schedule for next Spring.”

This type of customer I will prioritize over the ones who rush and try to get something from me.

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