Wrapped up

It is my new wrap.



What does something like that cost ? how long it take them to install it ?



Looks like Art has some competition. Great looking truck, Dejay!

Dude, looks like a race truck or something. That will catch some eyes for sure!

I priced those wheels for my Tacoma. 100 bucks each. They are sweet

It took them 2.5 days to install the wrap. They did it on a weekend. The wrap cost $3,200.

John, What size were they? We’re at?

Congrats man, looks awesome !

Awesome! :cool:

Very Nice

Ok you can send me one of those lol just with my logo heheh :slight_smile: great look!! you deserve it!

looks like I have some competition

very nice nascar truck series

I like it! I like it!

Very nice looking truck. Looks like a Nascar truck. That will surely get noticed and I’m sure make you money. I am not even in the same game.

Very nice indeed!