Wraps Ceramic pro

Any of you ever hear if this, product or have any used it




Sounds awesome! And 'spensive!

Yes expensive. Guy wants a 1000 for my van. Just trying to weigh out if it’s worth it. It might be !!:money_mouth_face:

Hey @Majestic66 I have had any experience with that coating. I highly doubt it works that well (I could be wrong) but i highly doubt that too! :wink:

MBZ had a product at one time that had the same claims (hmm it wasn’t that good) Since we where detailing approx 60 cars every quarter for the largest MBZ dealership in Orange county to up keep the package that they sold customers!

Not $1000.00 good! :astonished:

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I was working at a house last summer and noticed 2 guys valet cleaning a car across the street.They came over and explained it to me(they had just started there business about a month previous)
They claimed i d never have to worry about damage to the paintwork ever again and i would nt have to wash my van as much either.I wash it once a week so i keep it clean anyway.They priced it at €1,500🤤i kindly declined and wished them luck.Saw them recently and they are making a killing at it now.question is what do you do when theres no more cars to coat??

Once people realize that it didnt work…thats the issue they will have. They dont need to worry about running out of cars to do… just saying.

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True there will always be cars…just like window cleaning theres always gonna be glass to clean😁

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