Writing a Business Summary

Theirs a lot of info that the books I been reading that needs to be in this BUSINESS SUMMARY… How much of this is really needed for writing a summary.


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Is there a real need to write a Business Summary???

I’ve heard of a business plan but not a summary. Are they the same thing?

not really sure think one is just longer then the other. Been reading how to books, on starting a new business. Just wanting to be legal when I start up in Jan. 2014

Summary, to me, seems like looking back upon the past. Plan means looking toward the future.

You are a little tongue tied with the verbage, man.:slight_smile:

The [I]Executive Summary[/I] is [U]PART[/U] of the [I]Business Plan[/I].
(typically the FIRST part, actually)

It’s exactly as it sounds… a summary.
So here’s the trick- it should be written LAST.

Think of it as a prologue, set-up, or introduction
telling the reader what they are about to read.
(You fill in the details in the next/following parts.)

"Short and to the point"
For what it’s worth, mine in less than 1 page long.

Do they have SCORE in your area? They do free consulting.

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I didnt know about SCORE, (thanks) looked the up and theres one about 45mins. away at the beach. And as far as the Business Plan seems like the book Im reading wants me the wright a book. Its seems like its just a little thing , in this it also wants a mission statement with in this plan. I kinda wrote one will post in a day or two its at home and i dont have internet right now.

I was thinking about you today, [MENTION=6581]SUD CHASER[/MENTION]

How’s your progress going?

well this is what I got so far, will work on it more this weekend I have to look up numbers and make graph. All kind of info of what I think the business is going to do, my target market, and it gos on and on…

Quality Window Cleaning
We’ll put the clear back in your view.

Executive Summary
Type of business == Quality Window Cleaning
Company business summary ==
Financial objectives, including the highlights of your operating performance ==
Management overview ==
Service and competition == To be wrote last.

Company Background
SUD CHASERS is the new quality standard of window cleaning in Perquimans County. We are a mobile service for Commercial and
Residential window cleaning. We concentrate on serving our customer’s at thier home’s, or place of business. We’ll specialize in
old-fashioned quality workmanship and take pride in another customer’s testimonial. That SUD CHASERS will put the clear back in your view, with word of mouth advertising. Helping the company maintain moderate annual growth and sale’s, of your local quality
window cleaner. Three to five year plan will expand though out Perquimans and into surrounding county’s, with in ten years SUD CHASERS will be the leading name and company to call in the Albemarle Sound Area. It will be a Sole Proprietorship business
license, and as of now financial operations are out of pocket.

Business History
I have been employed by a national franchise with in the industry and quickly became the lead cleaner, crew leader, and new hire trainer. I made glass master with in that company by cleaning over $350,000 worth of glass. People watched me clean and would ask if I own the company, because of the passion I have and pride I took in the job I was doing. So in January of 2014, I plan on opening SUD CHASERS, Trademarking the name, having a web site for customer’s, and a office line put in my home for in coming call’s. Window cleaning is a proven successful business concept, and that give’s SUD CHASERS the advantage of being in a underserved market.

Business Goals
need to look up online

Legal form of business
The company (SUD CHASERS) is organized as a sole proprietorship. I have filed all the necessary paperwork to gain a D.B.A. certificate and all appropriate permits.

fun fun a lot to do still and after I get name right I’ll post my logo :slight_smile:

Good for you, for sharing this!!
(I just wondered how things were coming)

I think the best business plan is the one written in pencil… never stop re-writing it.

Looks like you got the juices flowing.

“Type of company” needs to be more thorough, “service based, form of ownership, etc…”

You mention that you need to look up Business Goals.
But actually, you already have a start in your Business Background.
(which reads more like a Philosophy, but…)
Now you just need to start visualizing the framework to [B]meet them![/B]:slight_smile:

Getting all my ideas from my head down on paper really helped me a lot.

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ya i got a binder full of stuff, always thinking and can’t wait to get started. Money is tight so tax time I’ll be shopping here, well some have found some better prices on Ebay but only a few… But Im also hoping this business plan well help with a loan. Then I could buy more tools reach higher and go for bigger jobs. Still trying to figure out my price list as well… Stressed out lol

Anybody know of a site that will show Industry Statistics for window cleaning, needing to learn about and make charts/tables/graphs on projected sales for new start up business. Including sales figures, profit, income projections and growth. looking to find out whats the annual growth rate for a new window cleaning business. Hope I explain that right, any help in pointing me to the right site would be great. THANKS