Writing Systems, Protocols, SOPs...whatever you want to call them

We are reviewing our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)… also called Systems or Protocols blah blah blah… anyway… If you have written your own… would you be willing to share a screen shot of your template, design, and/or anything else you’ve done in organizing or creating these…

You hear a lot on our Industry “You’re doing it Wrong! You need Systems!”… But you never hear much after that about application or execution in writing actual workable protocols. We have a workable 3 step process that is evolving… It starts at a white board “brainstorming” and outlining a certain service, safety measure, customer interaction or operation within the business. We then narrow that down to an organized outline. After final review, we simplify it the best way possible in a easy to read and follow form we have that is not longer than 8 key steps.


@Kyle_Stafford - I have used this for about a year https://www.sweetprocess.com

We have hundreds of procedures documented with it. You can share them, print them email them and assign them. I mainly like it for creating them, though.

The think what it’s missing though is a good overview of everything you have created. I kind of struggle with that though and use a spreadsheet to show officially what procedure belongs to each role. They have tags and stuff for that. I just haven’t figured out a solid way to group and organize them in a way that jives with my brain.

It’s very cool.


This is what we use. We are a small business, yet we have more than 50 systems and still adding some every morning.

We adopted the MVS method from Josh Latimer combined with the principles i read in Howard Partridge’s books.

Everything is accessible on cloud, but we find our master binder handy once in a while…


here’s a good method to visualize your system structure.


Well written and perfect question. Exactly what I’m trying to do.

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@ Chris Is there a link to the written systems you had for All County? Such as the sheet showing steps, procedures systems for field crews, girl answering phones?

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Here is what our forms look like. I think when we started creating them over a year ago, we pulled a template off the WCRA files and edited it to our liking.

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I am knee deep building another platform doing what this will do. I feel like an idiot for not thinking outside my own box. bleh…

What software did you use to edit existing template

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They are everywhere

Source: Preserving the NYPD's Motorized Past - Hagerty Media


I’m really surprised that no one commented on this great mind map. Awesome!

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Thanks for sharing the great mindmap, Caleb. You are a real asset to this forum.


hey, thanks guys! just trying to do my part.

Here you go - http://thewcra.com/business-development/systems.html

I have a few hundred more written that I have yet to release. Look for them soon…

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That’s nice… I just switched to Mindnode exclusively… loving it.

Don’t let that stop your development. I’m not convinced its the perfect solution… but its really good. Shout out to @Steve for the recommendation.

Downloaded a bunch of these. very helpful. Thank you.

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Hey @Chris di you know that our own D.J. Carroll was featured on the Sweet Process podcast?

I would like to suggest that you (Chris) would possibly agree to do a podcast that relates to window cleaning.

Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please,please, please, please, please,please, please…

Not that D.J. isn’t great, he is, but I think a podcast with @Chris would be beyond awesome!

Microsoft Word

Hey guys, why do you like MindNode better than MindMeister? Ive just started using MindMeister and think its cool but I havent purchased any version yet.

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