Can you imagine meeting someone and being told they are an olympic medal winner only to find out it was for handball? Heck they have been trying to get bowling in for years with no luck. It’s recognized as a sport but not in the games. I swear they put that so called sport in for countries that have nothing other then a wall and a ball.

Why not have tiddly wings or marbles? Both take skill and cunning to defeat your opponent. But I would really love to see U.S. Football in the games. That would be funny to see of our massive 300lbs linebackers go up against a team from Ethiopia. Man the bone breaking, snap cracking would make everyone shiver. :eek:

Have you ever played handball, Ray?

I love handball!!! :open_mouth:

Handball…ridiculous. I’m going to lobby to have diaper Changing a 1 year old included in the Olympics. Now thats a real sport!!!

At least handball, sounds like a sport, i just watched something called “synchronized diving” why not have synchronized penalty kicks or synchronized home run hitting, thank heavens for beach volleyball

how about the sport I still don’t understand…curling

I’m still hoping for red-rover to become huge event in the Olympics

Yes I have played. heck that was a long time ago. I was in my mid teens. I remember after about 10 minutes I had the game down. Not too hard to pick up. I went with the FIST technique. And I’m serious. I know the game is not easy. But I’m just shocked it’s in the games.

Handball to me sounds like something you would find in porn shop.

Baby changing should be included but they would have to have it broken down into subsections, like 1 handed with phone in ear (you must remember the conversation or points are lost), 2 handed with pee in face and last but not least, my favorite. Blind folded with pop scent under the nose.

BTW I saw the two divers and I thought that was gay also.

amen to that. My biceps are getting pumped!

I still can’t get over the synchronized swimming? I mean is that really a sport. I hope I don’t cross the line here but who would have thought a woman with her head under water and her legs spread above it would be a sport? get real. I still have a hard time beliving table tennis is in the olympics. ya its fun…when your drunk. Water polo? is that about the most boring thing to watch? I know it takes skill and athetisism but should it really be televised? what ever happend to boxing, shooting, javelin throw? Badminton…thats another one that is way overdone. sorry I had to rant a bit. my wife is glued to the tv recording everything olympics. I am going through Halo3/call of duty4/GTA with-drawls. help. no please…help.

ROFL, omg, what is up with the profile pics! Thats classic “Fighting crime with science” What is that pic Llaczko?

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