[CENTER]World Wide Window Cleaning Total Searches

This graph represents actual google searches year by year for “window cleaning”

This charts pretty neat… It shows that more people world wide are looking to pay to have there windows cleaned and or more people are looking to get into the business.

Chris how do you arrive at that conclusion?

The # of searches for “window cleaning” appear to be slowly on the rise. I guess it could also be people looking do it themselves… Bit if you search deeper… You can do “hire a Window Cleaner” or something similar and you can see that is on the rise as well.

What do the numbers on the left mean? The .50, 1.00 and 1.50 what does the 1.00 equal? does 1.00 =1 million searches?

I believe it’s simply a relative search index, indicating the relative number of searches, compared to other periods.

I don’t believe it correlates to a specific number, like 1.0 referring to a million, or anything like that.

Maybe … or just more people using the internet instead of phone book.