Xero hi mod

Does anyone have both the xero regular and the xero hi mod?

Is there a meaninful difference?

Huge difference… if you’re going over 30’ you’ll want a more rigid pole.

I moved and the area i’m in now has a lot more 3 and 4 story windows, so i’m trying to see if it’s worth it. So you’re saying it’s a big difference? I’m thinking of getting the 30 ft and just using sections of my other xero if i need 35 or 40 ft.

It makes a big difference, you’ll notice it takes longer to clean higher windows, your body will be beat up at the end of the day.

If you regularly have even 3 story windows that are at 35ish feet I would say get a 40’ pole.

The Steve-O pole is great at 40’ … but not great at 50’ when I added an extension.

Obviously the destroyer at 40’ is awesome, it’s my daily driver (I keep it at 30’ for residential)

If it means anything to you I am selling my Steve-O pole, used a handful of times and in like new condition. Since I’ve got a destroyer it is collecting dust in the corner

I don’t know the steve o pole, how much is it?

Even though the destroyer is heavier, you feel it’s easier to use?

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It’s like 1200 I believe, 40’ high mod

I’d sell it for 900

Can you send me a picture? Ben at d window cleaning dot com

I sent you a picture

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Yes, it’s slightly heavier. BUT, the extra pound or two in weight is hardly noticeable since it is so rigid and easier to scrub glass at height.

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