Xero Trad 20’, any extensions?

I love using my Xero Carbon fiber 20’ trad pole. But I’ve run into one or two jobs recently where it’s just a tad too short to reach some higher windows.

And so far on my research here, I haven’t found any way to confirm if there are any attachments or extensions that I could add to it to give it another few feet or maybe another 10’ at least.

If anyone has this pole, have they found anything to work with it? I’d hate to have to buy a brand new pole just for an extra bit of height I only need for just 2 jobs. My plan was to eventually use this pole as an eventual water fed system at some point and save some money for the setup.

Get an el cheapo (24’) for like $500… or a micro (30’) if you’re planning on using it for water fed in the future…

Just buy a regular 24’ pole .


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This is super easy most all of the XERO poles are totally compatible.

The most cut and dry way would be to add “Pro basic” sections.


Really the only thing to note when ordering is telling us you are buying it for this purpose and to include a rubber end cap. On the Trad 20, ALL Sections have an end defender built-in.

When buying a replacement section for the pro basic the carbon fiber on the end is exposed on sections 7 & 9

Actually friend, they have discontinued all 24 foot Garelick poles.

Which is a bummer, that is the ONLY pole I have used for 16 years for sticking at 24 feet. I guess I will figure out how to use my Xero basic 40 foot, as they have an adapter for a cone/wood tip. Garelick were the best extension poles, so disappointed that they stopped selling the 24 footers…

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You can get em on amazon still…:man_shrugging:t2:

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I baught a trad 20 at the beginning of this delayed season. Since then I have added 2 sections. It’s a good way to get into “real” water fed poles without spending the whole enchilada on the micro pole package, especially if you already have a brush and hose. Here is a link to the replacements that will extend the trad 5ft per $100 section. I love how easy it is to drop the extra sections when I do not need them. Cheers!

Quoted from a wrc customer service email

“You can add Micro sections to the Trad Pole. The Trad Pole is 5 sections so sections 6-9 would fit and add length.”


Oh shit I didn’t know that. That’s not good . I have started buying the 3 piece 18’ , but I have one 24’ left. Dam man that’s discouraging. Same here with the 24’. All I’ve used. I don’t use it often. Use to use them all the time on a couple of my dealerships , but switched to the 3 piece 18’. Lighter an reaches. So hadn’t bought a 24 in quite a while.