Back when I X-Jetted, just like you, I considered downstreaming chems through the hose (and wearing it out faster) to be an issue. Ever since I’ve been downstreaming and not toting that soap bucket around I don’t see it as an issue at all.

A rubber hose can easily be replaced but I don’t guess one can really replace their back.

The benefits of downstreaming outway any drawbacks by far.

Ok So I Kinda have the idea of how this system works.

The down streaming valve will draw at a low pressure depending on tip (solution tip)

But once a washing tip is installed the valve shuts and stops the flow of solution.

Thus leaving everything on the RIG-

But this leads me to my next question.

How or can you get the Stream the xjet produces? What type of tip can I but which does the same thing? Turbo nozzle?

With the right downstreaming nozzles (low rinse, high rinse, low soap high soap) that match up correctly with your machine you’ll get a much more efficient stream than with the X-Jet. There are some other all-in -one types of downstreaming nozzles but I really haven’t used them. I think Micah and Tony Evans use the Hi-Lo nozzle so maybe they can offer a bit of info about it.

One of the big drawbacks with the X-Jet is that the stream turns into mist when shooting high.

Expect an updated version later showing further distance and a better explanation, but for now, here’s a few videos I posted last year in a soft washing thread.

//youtu.be/downstreaming - YouTube

//youtu.be/downstreaming2 - YouTube

The new video will show that I use a foot long or so wand attached to my gun. This increases the spraying distance and really keeps the spray pattern tight with very little misting.

Gentlemen… Thank you all

I am now downstream informed. HOllaaaaaaa

Its a pretty simple thing, good luck

Nice video. If you don’t mind answering. What is your chemical and how effective is it on black mold and mold on gutters? Do you have to put a brush to the house anywhere? Or spray, dwell, rinse, leave?