Yeah! Got some Belts and Stuff

Yeah, no more nail belt. Pro at last. Price…ouch. Also got some Wagtails, Ettore’ Back Flip, Contour Pro Handles (Thanks Luke), BOAB, holsters, pouches. Thanks WCR. Thanks pros for advice on here.


Now you got too much on the belt. And not sure you’ll like the leg tie.

Congrats and have fun!

Yes sir, thanks. Have not been in the field yet. Will tweak as I go along, I’ve got some options and stuff to choose from now; I just threw some junk together to try a fit. Thanks for the input.

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Looks slick, have fun! 🖒

I was happy to have a belt once. Now I try to come up with ways it can stay in the truck. No dice.

I understand. I don’t know if I will love the stuff. All I know is I have been wearing a 2 pocket nail belt for years with hand tools to work sills, carry scrapers, pads and brushes. Plus now I have the ginormous Unger scrapers. Now I’ll see what it’s like to reach to the side for stuff, and be able to stand up and down without tools gouging me and bags flipping up and down. I will do whatever it takes to make me faster…so the great experiment goes on. Thanks JaredAl, your check is in the mail. (Not really, just an old saying.:slightly_smiling_face: Edit: You think I have freight, watch a Trad Man vid. I think I’ll buy suspenders next. :rofl:

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Just keep your tools in the bucket.

If you can keep dry rags in there, I’m all ears. :rofl:

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That’s why pants/shorts have belt loops and pockets or why you have 2 shoulders.
Perfect dry towel holders.

The viper works great to hold towels.

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