Yet another bid

Hi again

I don’t know but seems like commercial work is chasing me. I’m not complaining :slight_smile:

This one is a contractor that is remodeling this building which was affected by Hurricane IKE. They want me to clean all the glass in the lobby.

Everything is for one side cleaning

My pane count is:

242 panes inside lobby
9 mirrors inside lobby
9 panes exterior of building, next to entrance

See pics for reference.
Gallery here - some pictures have a description on the bottom part

I’m, crunching numbers here but still would like your input guys.

ALong with the benefits that I’m going to offer to this contractor is the option to perform this work at night. Will that affect my final product ? I’m thinking reflection mostly but since I don’t have experience with these buildings or working at night I’d rather ask.

Thanks in advance

I know what you mean! I had a friend call on behalf of her friends husband. He manages an auto parts store and needs his windows done in and out. I told him I could take care of it tomorrow and he jumped at it even though I was $10 more than the other bid he got.


That gives me LOT of business.
Glad you are doing fine too Tony

It’s crazy. I’ve had several calls for bids IN FEBRUARY:eek:
Lousy December and January and this month looks to beat Feb last year by quite a bit.

Is this gonna be a post construction clean up? Because that’s a different price

Didn’t mentioned that.

Is regular cleaning, they’re really dusty, but nothing else.
Frames are dirty to, but dust again.
No paint, no silicone, no cement.

251 pc of glass !! I really don’t like to do one side only !! All the touch ups are where ?? I would get a waiver signed. Gone are the days of cleaning with out a net !! Do you have a water pole?? Looks like a good project !! Good luck, stan, pro window kleening

Stan, no WFP here. I do own one, but this is interior work.
Waiver … mmhh no need to scrape anything.

I need a good price since he mentioned that the can put tracks down if needed for a lift, but I told him that I would rather use pole or ladder the whole thing to “keep the costs down”, he throw a huge smile and say “excellent” … so I think that I have good chances if I can come up with a competitive price.

Still waiting for you guys, those that have this kind of thing every other day.

Pm sent

Received and answered,


I was thinking around $3/pane, I don’t see big obstacles besides the staircases, but at the end they are gonna be useful.

Let me knwo what you guys see, and throw me an idea on how YOU will price this.

I have the whole weekend to work on the proposal, will be sent via email, so I’ll be working on that too.


Why not $4.00 a pane? An earlier post said 251 panes of glass. If that’s true and #1 he called you, and #2 already smiled and said excellent when you said you wanted to keep the cost’s down and save him money, well we’re only talking about $251.00 extra dollars on the job.

The fact that you have to work at night is a big thing in my book. Time away from family etc. You need to charge for that kind of stuff, as a business owner he’ll understand.

Just my thoughts.


What happens if your cleaning exposes existing scratches?

That’s a valid point , Larry.

Windowman : Your point is valid too, but I don’t understand what you mean when you say “he called you”. $3 or $4 might be a good price. About working at night, it wasn’t request by the customer, is something that I want to offer him, it can give an edge over other bidders (if any), and it can help me too, since next week looks like is going to be busy.

Thanks for the input both of you.

One thing I always do is bid it both ways—Window Count and Hourly. They usually differ and usually the window count is higher. Thats fine but it gives you a range to go by. You have to make your hourly to stay in business so that is rock bottom price. This is for you only by the way I am not saying give the customer two numbers.

You never get rich bidding hourly but it does give you options. I have done large projects time and material. Do you come out ok yes. Could I have made more with my sq ft price you bet. Was I working when the competition was not you bet!

You have to figure out these two numbers then figure out how bad you want the work.

Good luck

I’ll keep that in mind Mike.
Thank you

I am glad you wrote this. Just when I was starting I remember reading this on here about the count/hourly rate. I still do this to this day. If i come up with a crazy high price for the window count and the hours I figure for the job are way low…I adjust the price. Not drastically…just a little to make me happy, and to make the customer say yes…Like you said. I would like to know if this is “bad” pratice…and should just stick with the “price”

I like to keep it in check. For several years I would price it out hourly and then by window count. Every once in a while a job I didnt really want I would throw the window count out there and see if I got it or not. Then on the next job I would adjust both to keep seeing where the break point was.

I do this alot now on Commercial Route work because as I wrote in another post about “quadrant pricing” thats really all I am trying to fill. So if I want 65.00 an hour my jobs are divided into 4 quadrants. 15 min jobs=16.25 30 min jobs=32.50, 45 min jobs 48.75 and 60 min jobs=65.00. Now if I think there is reason to go window count and make more then really my hourly needs adjusted.

I think that practice is “good” or “bad” depending on how it works for you.
As Mike mentioned in other posts, you have to do what you have to do to keep bringing money in, specially if you have a crew.

I’m on my own right now, and even when I cannot afford to stay home scratching 'something", at least I’m not paying someone out of my pocket, or concerned that I don’t have nothing to do, and my guys are not getting any money either.

That’s one thing that I’ve noticed about this forums, and probably mentioned it before, but you’ll get a lot of good, excellent, invaluable information here, but at the same time you (or at least myself) will find yourself comparing your prices to this guy or this other guy, when they are probably in another city, hence a different market. Has happened to me and I’m not afraid to say it, even when I believe that is not right.

Hope you don’t get this comment in a wrong way.

Your exactly right the only one that really knows your “business” is you…And its none of your “business” what others think about it.