You guys slowing down or steady or slammed?

Looks like i’m starting to slow a little here, just wondering where other guys are at.

Starting to slow a bit but still operating at full capacity so far.

We’ve had a lot of rain the last couple weeks. The calls have slowed down a bit compared to early May. But I think it’ll pick up again before the end of the month. Time to start calling our client list :).

Yeah we had a few big storms roll through from those hurricanes

We had a lot of days rescheduled due to rain. We are still going full speed but the phone calls coming in has slowed a bit. When we start to slow a bit we make more of an effort to upsell while on the jobs.

I also am in the midst of getting caught up on rainouts. But I’m also still getting a lot of calls and booking a bunch.

Booked about 6-7 weeks out for anything over 4 hours. Have some 1,2 and 3 hour slots here and there for now. The phone had almost stopped for a week and them it was resurrected a tad this week.

Pretty steady.

paused ad words for the next few days.

Need to get some room in the schedule.

We’re “runners pace” steady- but not overloaded.

We just exceeded June 2012, with 11 working days left to go.

Here’s what’s REALLY interesting…
[B]21% of total gross has been “New” gutter cleaning customers… in June? [/B]:confused:

We don’t even do gutters till October. I have been able to push about 10-12 requests to the first few weeks in Oct. Nice to be booked ahead.

Yeah. Fall would seem to be the natural progression to “gutter season.”

But over the last year or two (more-so this year)- anytime it rains, I get a new customer who’s got overflow.

  • and I’m killin 'em because prompt service is my Competitive Advantage.

I can’t even begin to TELL you how many people are saying “[I]just get it done, make it stop[/I]!”

That’s the difference. We have only had a little drizzle in the past two months. Sunshine = Windows. Rain = Gutters and window later

We’ve been getting a lot of gutter jobs lately too. Way more than last year and especially year 1

Haha… given the choice, I think I’d take the “sunshine.”

Man, I envy you Californians! :o

Maybe the SEO is kicking in. I never advertise for gutters.
If NOBODY called, I honestly wouldn’t know the difference.

Meaning, maybe the random/scattered calls are funneling towards us… creating a nice volume.

Swamped… no complaints here

Our workload is really good, but this week there is a hint in the air the summer slowdown is coming… We should be good at full capacity through July… But I can tell its coming.


Crazy busy here too. Today the phone rang all day long. No complaints tho