You Hate your old scratch removal system

Have an old scratch removal system that you want to upgrade? GlassRenu’s Buy Back system is for you! Trade in your old scratch removal system and receive a brand new contractor grade scratch removal system.

How do you do it? It’s so easy!

  1. Purchase the GlassRenu Buy Back program product above

  2. Call 862-266-0677 with the weight and measurements of the box you will be shipping back

  3. A shipping label will be created for you and sent to you to ship back your old system to GlassRenu

  4. Put the shipping label on your box and ship!

  5. Once GlassRenu receives your old system a brand new contractor grade GlassRenu system will be sent to you

We will be accepting the following systems for trade in:

Glasweld GeForce
Scratch Hog
Scratch Pro

GlassRenu Scratch Removal System

Roy Eckman took advantage of the Trade-In and this is what he has to say about switching over from the Scratch Hog System to the GlassRenu System!