You know it's a good day when

Just a reminder, for September you get an extra 10’ section free when you buy the 40’ Xero Pro carbon fiber pole. If you’re itching to get into water-fed, or need another pole to expand, this may be the deal to do it on. IMHO

(For the record, I don’t work for WCR, just love their equipment, prices, customer service and forum.:wink:)


Oh hey! Thanks so much for the order and nice words. :heart: Hope you love it!

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Nothing like opening a box full of brand new new tools! :slight_smile:



This is a great pole. I have a 40 foot xero pro carbon fiber pole. I love it. It has been about 9 months now and I have only had 1 issue-- a brush head not tightening onto the adapter-- I’m pretty sure it’s user error and nothing some duct tape can’t tighten up. Great pole, lightweight, I fully extend it to 40 feet to do these condo buildings I spent a week on, I could not have done that with a 40 foot tucker aluminum pole in terms of flex. A great entry level carbon fiber pole!!


Like any threads, they wear down with time. You can put some tread tape on there and it will help. @KDCleaningServices