Your CCU window price is the same as what their charging me for the whole house CCU?

So several weeks ago I gave a bid for a CCU for $550 she said another company gave her the same price to clean up the entire house including the windows. I explained to her how those types of companies don’t really know what they are doing when it comes to cleaning windows and they tend to scratch them. I then told her we also take scratches out of glass if whe has any problems. Well guess who called me the other day. Razor blade scratches all over the windows and the buyer won’t close until they are replaced. I gave her a quote of $2,500 or I could replace them for $6,000. Then she asked if I would give her a discount if they used us on all her construction clean ups in the future. I told her sure. I’ll knock off %20 off all of my future CCU for you. But I’m sticking with the prices I gave u. Call me if you want the windows replaced or scratches removed. I should here from her this week. Why do I have to discount my work because u made stupid decisions to save Money and now it’s costing u more


Good job! Way to hold your ground and stick to yer guns👍


My mom always said , something cheap (low in price ) always cost more

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Perfect reply except for 20% off the future. Why? The price is the price and you won’t have scratched glass in the future

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The 20% is because they are not going to use me in the future for any CCU. They want me to discount my scratch removal by dangling a imaginary carrot of future work. So I just dangled the same imaginary carrot of future work I know isn’t going to happen. Their asking for a discount so I’m giving them one on something that will never come


Good example of “I TOLD YOU SO”!

Exactly never discount now for promised work later ! Sorry company policy !

Wtf was I born yesterday !

Secondly shouldn’t the company who did it be responsable ?
Most likely they had no insurance I’m presuming .

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Lol oh yeah! Love it whn that happens. I’ve had a few customers get upset about our prices (we are a little on the higher side of prices but tht come with top quality work). They have a rinky dink compony come and they do a piss poor job. Then we come back and charge them more for wasting our time :wink:

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Realtors are the worst. It seems like every realtor who calls me promises me all the work I can handle, if I will just do this one for them…for free. You are correct, they may use you in the future because you are that good. I have a couple of realtors I work with, but we started out the same way. Now, they know we are the best in our market, so they call us first. When a realtor asks you to cut your price for them, ask them how often they will cut their commission

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It underscores the value of sticking to your guns and being patient.
There’s a local builder who won’t use me anymore because I supposedly scratched some windows on a new build about 10 years ago. But the realty company they own gives my name out :slight_smile: Some of the realtors know there is no better choice in my coverage area.

And that even applies where Triple C may overlap me :wink:

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You got them dude ! Good job love your comments :slight_smile:

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So I finished the scratch removal job today and got a check for $2000. The new window replacement for the last window will be in next week and I’ll get another $1300 for that. Why not just repair the last window like I did the rest you say? Because I was sick and tired of this ladies shit. All she did was bitch and moan about the cost of the scratch removal, and then she bitched and moaned about how “quick” I did the job only took about 6 hours. And how much money I’m making per hour. I listened and then went around the home and showed her all of the glass and how there are no scratches left on any of the windows accept for the large picture window, low e and tinted. That one I lied and told her I can’t get the scratches out of so I’m going to have to replace that window for $1300 plus tax. Call me unethical but the entire time I was there she made me feel like I was stealing from her and I shouldn’t be making all this money for my knowledge and expertise. You know Manuel labor shouldn’t get paid $250 an hour shit. I explained how I was saving her money over replacement and her client would close on the home quicker. But noooooooo because of her choices on who she did the CCU w all this is now my fault. Well F U if ur going to make me feel like I’m cheating u then I’m going too, and tell u u have to replace the last window. I truly hate this women with every fiber of my being.


Every time she opens her mouth, ask her if she remembers your original ccu quote.

Or spritz her with a spray bottle…

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So much cheaper to do things right the first time.

my god you’re fighting imaginary carrot with imaginary carrot!!!

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That was an awesome story. Thanks for sharing.

CCU I got to figure out a way the say this

CCU is a customer who is looking for the cheap guy worst nightmare.

I don’t do CCU to often.

I got a call from a lady a month ago . She didn’t tell me it was CCU. I get there an she was like your the third guy today I’ve been told 3 guys 4 man hours does that sound about right to you ?

What … Really this is how we are starting offf. Okkkkkk. Walked around the house told her I could do it for 1100. Oh wow … Yup also you have stickers on all your windows do you want those off because that price is just for the Windows lol.
Why is that another 1100. Noooo. I wouldn’t be able to tell you until I try to scrape one off .
They look like they been on there for a while Yup since last year.

It’s right about now that I think she has enough of me, an the feeling was mutual

But I needed to have some more fun. I says ok so I have a scratch waiver in the van you would have to sign that for me to see about those stickers I would have to try an remove one.

Lol. She says no thanks I said ok no problem. Have a nice day. FYI pay close attention to that area around those stickers. Have a nice day an thanks for having us out

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You don’t. i wouldn’t give them any discounts if i were you. You have all the leverage.

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I love this thread. MAJOR resto work and someone wants to CHEAP out. Then it costs them 10 times the original price to fix the “cheap guy’s” work.

It reminds me of someone I did an estimate for. Been powerwashing his windows for the past several years. Hard water spots all over the glass. Thought I was priced too high, yet wanted clear glass.