Your dream RO/DI system?

If you were to design your dream pure water system, using bits and pieces from different existing systems and / or features that are not found on any other systems, what would you build?

Also, what features would you love to see on a pure water system?

I’m building my own system, and I want this bad boy to be the Maybach of pure water :slight_smile:

The Maybach nice

One that has filters that last forever, and throws $100 bills at you as you use it.

Hello Chris,

What are you looking for in a system?

Don’t forget the hot water.

Dream System = Ez Pure… :stuck_out_tongue:

I would just want something lite, compact & never have to change out resin or filters

I have the hydro cart, and that is my dream system…they couldn’t add anything to make it better.

EZ Pure and Hydrotube accommodate the first 2, but nothing out there can accommodate the last one.

I have a 4 year old battery powered 5 stage Reach higher ground cart strapped in to my Chevy 1500 Express van. I never remove it accept to replace filters(could have gone with out a cart, but I bought it second hand) and have a second large battery inline with it to give me all the juice i need for a days work. To be honest I use it mainly to make water with, which I store and then put into 5 gallon jugs to be used in back packs and probably clean 70% of the residential that way as it is so much faster than setting up the 5 stage and running 150’ hose around the house… Sureflo back packs are amazing money making machines. Plan on replacing one a year if you use them a lot, but at about $200 they are well worth it.
If job is large we will use a combination of the back pack for hard to get to windows and the 5 stage with the 150’ foot of hose. I have to say that the 5 stage makes thousands of gallons of water on a single 40" DI cartridge which is incredible compared to the 20" merlin RO/DI system I started with which would produce 500 gallons and started to fail.
I love my 5 stage but would consider putting in a non-cart system in to your van and buy a couple of back packs(we have 3, one as a back up).
An Aqua adapter is another bit of kit you will want.

My dream system?
Singing my tune now! I’d have 40" RO membranes custom mounted in stainless steel housings along the inside of my trailer, with matching prefilters.

I’d also have stainless steel housings and pharma grade cpvc housings and plumbing for filters that can be bypassed when not in use like bio filters, UV filters…that water would be dang near to lab grade water. All cpvc fittings and joints welded. Only metal used stainless steel and even then avoided if possible.

Custom made centralized gauge cluster, high quality and calibrated tds meter with sensors on every single connection with temp. gauges, ph gauges, flow rate, pressure, chlorine tester…

All pumped thru a commercial grade 60hp pump with 2" fittings, custom made as well with stainless.

That last one is my problem I haven’t found a solution for. I also haven’t had the time to research it either, but from what I have found out so far is that stainless is great, but too soft and don’t last very long…plus it UBER expensive.

That dream system would be able to run 20 poles if I wanted. Heck, the pump I have on it now will run 6 poles that I know for sure.

In fact, gonna go and work on it now…laters