Your Input is Needed!

Hi Forum, I really need your help with something.

Please take just a minute to answer the above poll. Your answers are very important to us.

thank you very much

You forgot the poll.

Yeah - that’s right, make me look stupid by adding the poll after! :smiley:

I’m other: Tell me when you do international orders, not that I have money at the moment :frowning:

I have to say I’m a very satisfied customer. When I ask about a product you guys go out of your way to get it on the site. Keep up the good work!

scrim is the ultimate testimony to that :smiley:

Other: Haven’t needed to place an order for tools(except rainflow) since I found you guys but will be ordering some new stuff shortly!

I have bought from chris and alex and it was a smooth sale from the start to the end.

I’ve been a fairly regular customer for WCR. Chris & Alex will go the extra mile to fill your needs and then once the order is filled - they’ll send you short & sweet video thanking you.

Cutting edge stuff that you won’t get anywhere else. Keep up the good work guys.

I would think WCR will see a huge spring. That’s when guys, myself included, will be gearing up. Spending some to make some. This will be the first Spring since WCR has been fully stocked.

WCR has been great to me. If WCR was a restaurant, I’d be fat.


I have been a loyal customer for 5 years to a supply company out west, that will change in the spring as I intend to get my supplies from WCR. I like what you guys are doing keep it up!!

puttin’ my list together this week!

If WCR was jello pudding, I’d be Bill Cosby.

[SIZE=“1”]Anyone? Anyone?[/SIZE]

[I][SIZE=“1”](is Phil in the room?)[/SIZE][/I]

Saw him (Cos, not Phil) last night on Maddow.

And yes, I remember the Jello commercials.

Do WCR send out a suggestion form to buyers?

Sorry guys,
I would but Windows 101 is only a 20min drive for me. But I want to try the scrim. I dont think Manny has that in stock.

I don’t have to drive a mile to get supplies from WCR. :slight_smile:

WCR.Com will ship to your front door so you can spend that time and money on an Erik Bedard jersey.